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Tales of Ravencat's Realm

These stories are my own personal writings and have been put up for your own enjoyment. So please remember these are mine and don't steal them. Enjoy!!!

The crossroads. The lonely place. There are two roads. One safe, secure, the "right" choice. The other, new, frightening, the "other' choice. Exciting, Dangerous, Lonely. If you choose the safe road, the child inside dies. It ceases to grow. You become locked in a cage. The new road seems to offer freedom, but what if it's just another cage in disguise. I want to live, to go places, to experience new things, to be on my own. But What if I'm lonely? Who'll comfort me when I'm afraid or when sadness creeps in? But isn't that the place I'm in now? The pressure is building, the coice has been made. I'll live with contentment in the choice I have made. I choose to follow the path so many long for, but so little ever truly find.

In loving memory of my cousin Jennifer Dykes
Weeping Willow...Could you hide my tears...Cover them with your own...Weeping Willow...Will you hide my fears...Hide them in your shadows...Weeping Willow...Please hold me close...Hold me in your arms of love...Only you shall see my tears...My burning tears of pain...You miss her too...I feel you do...For you shall never see her again...Never hear her beautiful laugh... Or see the joy shining in her eyes...You will never again see her bright smile...Or feel her loving warmth...So Weeping Willow...Hide my tears...For we both miss her so much.

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