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This Page was Made to Show those in Littleton,

That they are not alone in their grieving.

All America is grieving with them.

Hold fast to your memories,

to all of the cherished moments

of the past,

to the blessings and the laughter,

the joys and the celebrations,

the sorrow and the tears.

They all add up to a treasure

of fond yesterdays

that you shared and spent together,

and they keep the one you loved

close to you in spirit and thought.

The special moments

and memories in your life

will never change.

They will always be in your heart,

today and forevermore.

-Linda E. Knight

For the Community of Littleton, Colorado:

Many lives were taken today,

many before their time.

It isn't easy to understand

all of this violence and crime.

As we watch the story unfold on TV,

as we ask the question "why?",

Let us pray for those in the community

who now have to say goodbye.

Goodbyes to treasured children,

goodbyes to precious friends,

goodbyes to parents and teachers,

oh please let this all end.

Let it be known to all that

the world is smaller today,

we lost so many good people,

when they all passed away.

I ask you all to join me now,

to voice this tearful prayer,

please pass this on to all you know,

and let's see how many care.

Before you fall asleep tonight,

consider doing this,

think of those who died today,

Dear God, in heaven, may they find bliss.


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