This shows the pulleys that open and close the inny-outie doors.

The walls are white, washable bathroom paneling. The floor is painted with POOL PAINT. I make all their big fake fur matts.

This shows the food bins, electric heater mounted on the ceiling, air conditioner is in the window to the left of the food bins in the summertime.

The kennelroom is attatched to the house and the garage. I am standing on the top step of the kennel that goes into the house to take this picture. The inny-outie doors have a clear heavy vinly flap on hinges in their little door that keeps cool or warm air from coming in and yet it lets light in. The little white faced one in run #1 in my 13 year old Barkley. He is in the house all the time now. Everybody else takes their turns. To my left in this picture is a door that opens into the whole fenced in back yard.To the right is a condominium that I use when I need to separate them for some reason or to feed seperately when needed and I stack clean bedding on top of the condo too . To the right of that... is a utility sink with cupboard and dish drainer where I wash all their dishes. I also have my own kennel vacuum cleaner that stays in the kennel and it is so nice to just vaccum it up when needed.

These are the outside runs. Each one opens into the yard from the outside. I do my best to keep these hosed out and clean. Those are greenies in the first run with the poms. The outside runs are 10 feet long by 4 feet wide. The outside runs have a shingled roof over them when it rains, they can be outside and stay dry and in the heat of summer it gives good shade in the runs.