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Mark Mazzara

   Mark Mazzara is a mechanical engineering student at Oakland University who plans to graduate with a bachelor's degree in August of 2004. Mark is the guitar player for a band call The Formula, formerly known as Original Fourmula. The three remaining members of this band have been together since November of 1994, when Mark and Tony Tringali(drummer) were 13 and Phil Tringali(singer/bass player) was 11. The band has been together long enough to have learned hundreds of songs from many styles of music, as well as to have written about twenty songs. Mark is obsessed with music, and listens to everything from David Bowie to U2 to Tom Waits to Frank Sinatra. Mark is interested in science, the way that the world operates, which explains his pursuit of a degree (and job) in the field of engineering. Mark's favorite restaurants include La Shish and Luciano's. Mark's favorite movies include Goodfellas, The Deer Hunter, and Akira Kurosawa's Red Beard.