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The Formula (the for'myoo'la) n., pl. -las or lae 1 A three piece powerhouse that rocks together so tight, they become one machine of unstoppable momentum.
Phil Tringali
Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar

Formed in 1994 when the band members were significantly shorter than they now are, this motor-city trio has been rockin' small and large venues the same: From little jukes such as Boney's Night Club in Eastpointe, to larger stages like The Emerald Ballroom (Mt. Clemens) or St. Andrews Hall (Detroit). Their young, yet mature stage presence has given fans as well as club owners plenty to talk about after a performance.

The Formula's latest album, entitled "What You Wanted" is the perfect mix of hard-hitting guitar, a solid backbeat, and soulful vocals. To every rock enthusiast it is exactly "What You Wanted".

Tony Tringali
Drums & Backup Vocals
Mark Mazzara
Guitar & Backup Vocals