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15 Girard Av

15 Girard Av

2335 lays over in Madison Loop. 2:15 am October 1, 2009.

Railfans cheer as a new PCC line is open. The nice looking rehabbed PCCs were fun to photograph and hopefully will prove popular with the riders once all the bugs are ironed out. 2331 is outbuond at Lee street, just past the Girard el Station. A SEPTA equipment truck can be seen in the background in front of KFC.

2335 is eastbound at 5th street. Lucky me no passing motorists between me and the trolley. All photos taken on this page other than the 8534 photo on top were taken in August 2006.

A favourite spot for photographers in South College Av and I couldn't resist

At 28th street 2332 is off and running after waiting for that silver car in the background to make an 8 point parrellel park.

2332 is seen again - this time crossing 58th street. While the PCCs have been given a top to bottom overhaul, some old timers soldier on unaided - like the wood paneled Pontiac Parisienne wagon across the street.

Girard and 60th is a good place for the trolley fan to be at pull in times. The tracks in the bottom of the photo in asphalt lead south to Callowhill St and the depot. Some cars pulled in from the west while a couple went around the loop and pulled in eastbound.

The cars pull in eastbound on Callowhill St as 2330 is doing here. The cars pull out by going north on 59th street (now that the parking battle is over).

Not too many railfans opt for the late night shots at 63rd and Girard... but I gave it a go. Not too much light here, but a nice light reflection off the cobbles.

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