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Boston Trackless Trolleys

Boston Trackless Trolleys

The following is a small number of images taken on trips to Boston in January 2001 and May 2005. Click on the photos to enlarge.

The 1976 Flyer coaches are on borrowed time as a new generation of trackless trolleys is going in to serivce. Even at the end though, these coaches looked pretty good and seem to run well. 4010 is inbound on the busy 73 route at Belmont and Langdon.

4015 loops around the block outside the Harvard bus way. The on street loop on the other side of the busway (around Cambridge Common) was inaccessible to the trolleys due to paving on this day.

4040 stops at Aberdeen and Huron on the short 72 route. Only two coaches are required to provide 15 minute service in rush hours.

4008 swings in to the Harvard busway on route 73 duty on a lovely January day in Boston.

A new generation of equipment has arrived to replaced the Flyers. Equipped with automatic stop announcements and air conditioning, these low floor Neoplan coaches will soon provide all the service on the Trackless Trolley routes. 4103 is inbound on the 71 line at Mt. Auburn and Adams.

4119 is one of the 40' Trackless Trolleys ordered to replace the Flyers on the 71, 72 and 73 lines. The belated arrival of the Neoplan dual mode buses for the Silver Line has pressed a few standard trolleys into short turn service on the Silver Line. This coach is painted yellow / white like the one above and wrapped in silver. This view is at D St.

Dual mode 1105 is seen at Silver Line way. At this point the wire ends, the poles come down and the buses go to one of three surface destinations.