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Children's Rights Advocacy


This web page contains information on Class Action Lawsuits with respect to Children's Protective Services.

There have been several successful lawsuits to my knowledge and I am hoping that there will be many more.

 Date: Fri., 19 Jul. 2002 23:32:51 -0400
   From: "Barbara C. Johnson" <>
Subject: UPDATE: Do you have problems with child protection agencies?

Many are asking why we want the stories of your struggles with so-called child-protection agencies.

We are evaluating data in order to challenge federal legislation that causes family tragedies.

We are quite far along.

We would like a number of folks from each State to participate in a private class action suit.

(1)  Several of you have already written me saying, "Barb, you know my story."  Maybe I do, but I am not doing this alone.  Others who do not yet know your story will need to become familiar with it.

So please answer the two questions.

(2)  Since there will be, I expect, hundreds, if not thousands, of you answering, I and the others shall simply not have the time to go to your individual websites to read your stories.

So if you don't feel like writing your story all over again, please, just copy into your email those pages or sections of pages from your website which you think is enough to help whoever reads your story to understand it.

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