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2002**Grand Valley State University "Finished What They Started" bringing home the Division 2 National Football Championship by beating Valdosta State 31-24 on Dec 14th, 2002! Go Valley!
2001**Grand Valley State University played their hearts out but came up short losing to North Dakota 17-14 in the Division 2 National Football Championship game. For more info on the championship game visitLaker Sports As the football season ends ,the All Girls Cheer Team is busy now cheering for the basketball teams ....GO VALLEY!
After you are done visiting the 4 pages of GVSU football cheering for the fall of 2001,make sure you check out the NEW GVSU ALL GIRLS CHEER TEAM for the basketball season! I promise the basketball cheer season pages load faster!

jamie Louie the Laker jamie

Some of the stunts collegiate cheerleaders do are enough to stop a mothers heart!


Ok...we are just warming up here. Enjoy the sideline chant photos and then we will head over to more stunting..:) My heart needs a rest!

sideline chant

Jamie Stephanie

Another GrandValley touch down!cheerleader And boy it is getting chilly right about now!..brrrrrrr

heather jamie jenni

For Info on how to become a Laker Cheerleader visit Laker Sports
Since GVSU is constantly changing the sports site ,i am having trouble keeping up with where to send you for cheer team information. Here are the email address's of the Athletic Personnel and I am sure they can help with any questions about trying out for the cheer teams.Keep in mind that Cheering at GrandValley State is considered a club sport and not a Varsity sport.Athletics Director: Tim Selgo- Assistant Athletic Director: Lisa Sweany-

Basketball cheer Fightsong Stunt Page Still More Cheer Northern Dreams

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