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A Guide To The B-Sides
A Guide To The B-Sides:
Pearl Jam's Non-EP Tracks
Pearl Jam is the greatest band in the world, and as a die-hard fan, I've started to buy all the Pearl Jam music I can get. For many of the singles that have been released by Pearl Jam, there is a b-side song or even two that doesn't appear on the full-length album, and here I've got the lyrics and a quick review(not yet) of all the b-sides I own. As I am usually broke, and live in a city without a great resource of music, this is far from complete. Never fear, though! It's growing almost as fast as I can buy new Pearl Jam!

Jeremy (not available)
B-sides: Footsteps and Yellow Ledbetter
Alive (N/A)
B-sides: Once and Wash
Even Flow (N/A)
B-sides:Dirty Frank and a remix of Oceans


Go (N/A)
B-sides: Elderly woman... and Alone
Daughter (N/A)
B-sides: A live cut of Blood and a live cut of Yellow Ledbetter
Dissident (N/A)
B-sides: A live cut of Release, a live cut of Why Go? and a live cut of Deep.


Betterman (N/A)
Spin The Black Circle (N/A)
B-side: Tremor Christ
Not For You (N/A)
B-side: A live cut of Out Of My Mind

No Code...

Who You Are (N/A)
B-side: Habit
Off He Goes
B-side: Dead Man
See the Review & Lyrics for Dead Man --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hail, Hail
B-side: Black, Red, Yellow
See the Review & Lyrics for Black, Red, Yellow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Given To Fly
B-sides:Pilate (on the full-length CD) and Leatherman
See the Review & Lyrics for Leatherman
B-sides: U and a live cut of Brain of J., taken from a concert in Melbourne Park, Australia
See the Review & Lyrics of (mainly) U and the live Brain of J. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well, there's only the three so far, but with any luck I'll have some extra cash soon!

And, Of Course, The Links...
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Five Horizons! The is the best page for anything else!
There's a hilarious page with alternate lyrics to "Vs." on the net, and I would link it if I wasn't so paranoid about losing my free webspace. (Go to Angelfire for your free webspace!) Instead, just go to Yahoo! and search for "alternate pearl jam lyrics".

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