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MSU Precision

The Michigan State Precision Team What is it? Precision is figure skating in a group. There are from 8 to 24 girls on a team. As a team they form lines, circles, pinwheels, etc. The goal of the team is to skate as a group and keep all girls on the same foot. Why skate at MSU? As a skater goes on to college it may be hard to continue skating. There are a few schools in Michigan and Ohio that have started College level teams. Who is the coach? Wendy Brundirks. Wendy is a Senior here at Michigan State and is a great coach! She has been the coach for the past two years. She skated to Team Elan (precision team from Detroit Skating Club) for many years. Here email address is: and is willing to answer any questions. Who is the Manager? Charlotte Jackson. She is a Jounior her at MSU and has done so much for our team. she keeps the money in order, tells us how much we owe, and much more. Who is on the team? Our Captins are Beth Ashcraft and Liz St.Jaques. Beth is a sophmore and Liz is a senior. Beth hurt her back this season and missed a few of the compititions, but she was better for Nationals. Our other mambers consist of: Kathy Carmody Junior Carly Clemens Freshman Theresa Golski Sophmore Kristen Grant Sophmore Amanda Jewell Sophmore Sherri Longfellow Junior Erin MacDondald Senior Kristen Monan Senior Jessica Pentti Sophmore Mackenzie Petersen Sophmore Jackie Phillip Freshman Angela Rekuc Sophmore Julie Schanaver Sophmore Holly Showers Freshman Jill Smith Senior Liz Sorokac Senior Becky Sved Junior Kristie Walla Sophmore Melissa Yonemura Junior How did Nationals go? Nationals was held in San Diego, California on March 11-14. El Nino did not cause us any problems and we all had a wonderful time. Our team got second place! The standings went like this: 1. Miami University 2. MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY 3. Bowling Green University 4. University of Michigan 5. Western Michigan University Want info on the team? Write to or call us at: Munn Ice Arena c/o MSU Precision Team 213 Jension Fieldhouse E.Lansing, MI 48824 (517)353-4698

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