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Mr. Long Day

The LONGest Day


Mr. Long Day, the day that all other major world religions are proven obsolete and Mr. Long is internationally recognized as our Lord and Master, is upon us. "But Mr. T," you may be saying right now, "the eleventh of February, 1999 has already passed. Did Mr. Long Day never occur? Did it already occur? Is it still Mr. Long Day?" I, Mr. T, would reply, "Of course it is still Mr. Long Day. Do you remember all the propaganda you no doubt saw scattered around the world advertising Mr. Long Day, 02/11/99 as 'The LONGest Day -- Ever'? Well, this propaganda was quite accurate. Mr. Long Day truly is the LONGest day ever. Mr. Long Day began on the eleventh of February, 1999, and will end with the end of the world. Need you any further proof that Mr. Long is our Lord and Savior? If Mr. Long Day were to end right now, the world would end with it. Mr. Long has the power to save or destroy the world at any given moment. I pity the fool who does not worship Mr. Long."