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Keeping the Faith

It is with a sense of apprehension and excitement that many first year students leave the familiarity of home, family and friends for the uncertainty of campus life. Although we may all share the feeling of being overburdened with that impossible calculus or business class, for a young Christian, the sense of being alone in the midst of a lax environment where it seems that no one shares your faith and values can be overwhelming. By this time, you may be asking yourself what others will think of you if they find out about your faith. What do you tell the guys or girls when they ask you if you want to go out to do something that you just don't approve of? Where can you go to find others who share your faith in Jesus, and understand what you are going through?

Rest assured that you are never alone in any plight that you may face, whether it be in regards to your faith, workload, or life in general, as the Lord has promised us that "never will I leave you, never will I forsake you". (Hebrews 13:5). Through prayer and faith in this promise, we can overcome whatever situation we might face, not by our own means, but through Christ's power. It is by this assurance that we can make a stand for what we believe in class and among our friends.

In regards to the last question, though it may seem at times as though you are the only believer on campus, in reality there are many other students on campus who share your faith and values. Meeting other Christians who share your experiences and having a good time in the process is as simple as joining the Christian fellowship group at your school or a local church youth group. So despite the stress and pressures of university or college, take heart. The Lord is there for you, and you are never alone in your situation.

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