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My MRP Miss Budweiser

Last updated 6/11/00.


This is my first R/C boat, which is my only one at this time. It's price is $160, and it comes partially assembled fromt he factory. This boat is classified as a scale hydroplane, I don't know the exact scale right now, I think it is about 1/12. It is designed to look like the real, full size Miss Budweiser Unlimited Hydroplane, which is one of the most popular Unlimited hydroplanes today although now it has a new paint job.

The MRP Miss Budweiser has two motors that are geared together to turn one propeller. The final gear ratio is 1:1, the two motors provide enough torque to run at full RPM. This boat can go at speeds up to 28 mph, which is relatively fast for a small boat like that.

A major problem that I have with this boat was that it would not plane easily, that is, having the boat running "on top" of the water, instead of it being partially submerged. Hydroplanes rely on this concept to reach high speeds. My boat would not plane when I first tired ran like a tugboat. After that, I rearranged the interior layout of the boat to move the center of gravity forward, therefore allowing to propellor to push the back of the boat out of the water to plane. Now, it works great, and I don't have the planing problem quite as bad as before.

And i have crashed this boat once. I lost radio contact with the boat for some reason, and it kept going until it hit a cement walkway at the water's edge, angled in the water like a ramp. There was an awful scraping noise as it hit, and then it flew up into the air like an airplane, landing 10 feet from the water in a grass field across from the walkway. The damage from the crash was: A bent up turn fin that got ripped out of the boat's hull, a broken propeller, a ripped off rudder, and of course a scraped up boat hull. I have repaired as well as i could since then, but the crash has somewhat discouraged me from running the boat since then.

Overall, this is a great, fast, high performance boat that looks good, too. One thing I hate about it though is how my 1200maH batteries only last for about 40 seconds before they get weak. Thats pathetic. But thats the way the boat is and thats how it goes with cheap batteries. This is not recommended for first-time boaters, becuase its speed. Of course, this was my first boat, but oh well. I guess I learned my lesson when i crashed it even though I dont think it was my driving that caused it.
Features on this boat include:

  • Officially licensed Miss Budweiser decals
  • 28 mph stock speed
  • Dual motors with geared transmission
  • Water-tight radio compartment
  • All running hardware included
  • Ready to run minus radio system & 6c batteries

I had to include this cool pic of a real Budweiser hydroplane with a R/C model in front of it even though it is a different model.

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