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Stadium Truck

Stadium trucks are a mix between a buggy and a monster truck. They have speeds comparable to that of a buggy, while they also have the added durability of a monster truck. They are designed for jumps and off-road racing, and can handle rougher terrain than most buggies. Stadium trucks are almost always 2WD, and, like 2WD buggies, have spiked rear tires for traction on dirt, and ribbed front tires for steering. On most models, the suspension arms are extended so that the tires are totally outside the body, not underneath it. This helps to keep the inside of the chassis clean, and the wide stance helps with control and stability. The shocks on these trucks are long, for maximum dampening. The chassis of a stadium truck is usually aluminum for gas-powered, or composite/plastic for electric powered=trucks. It can be either double or single-deck.

Most stadium trucks are 1/10 scale, and either gas or electric powered. With either power source, their speed can be anywhere from around 15-35 mph depending on the performance-level of the truck.

These trucks are a good mix of speed and toughness, so they are a great type for any driver.

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