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Monster Truck

Monster trucks are the toughest, most durable class of R/C vehicles. They are designed to survive just about anything that you can survive; jumps, crashes, rollovers, and anything else there is. Monster trucks always have large, V-treaded tires for traction and realism, and a high ground-clearance chassis. The reason monster trucks are able to go over virtually any obstacle is becaase they are geared for maximum torque, not speed. There can be 4 or sometimes even 8 shocks on it to dampen out all of the bumps.

Gas monster trucks usually use an aluminum chassis, which a modified double-deck layout, which varies with each truck. They are powered by a .11, .12, .15, or .21 size engine, depending on the size and weight of the trucks. There are a variety of unique chassis configurations for electric monster trucks which are usually made from plastic. It is common to have dual electric motors to power the monster truck, because one motor is sometimes not enough for this type of vehicle. The reason there are so many differences in each truck is that there are really no racing classis for monster trucks, so there are no restrictions on how the truck is designed. Stock monster trucks run from about 15 mph to about 30 mph. The higher speeds are usually reached using .15 or .21 gas engines.

A monster truck is a good choice for a person who likes to bash and abuse their R/C vehicle, and who wants to be able to put it to the limits.

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