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MiG's Military Aircraft World

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Welcome to the fascinating world of aircraft and welcome to my first web page and definitly not my last. This page contains the best aircraft of United States, Russia and, Europe. This site will be upgraded until i have no more room for any more aircraft. Any suggestions please feel free to suggest anything that can be added ICQ#2535146 or e-mail me for suggestions. If you have any plane you would like to know about in perticular or would like to see here just ask and il see what i can do. Reference: Aircraft of The World, watching wings and various web sites including the USAF web page Come to my friends homepage its similar to mine Click here. Another one of my good friends web pages. If you are a pure Russian aircraft enthusiast, I have a friend who owns a web page, Soviet and Russian aircraft It has very useful information and pics check it out. Please sign my guest book thanks.

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AAA Matilda United States Starting Point