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Tricia is married and has 2 beautiful children (neither have any eye problems). Tricia was born with unilateral microphthalmia, and bilateral Coloboma. She and her family live in New South Wales, Australia.

She has graciously written her story to help parents understand.
Please read on..........................

Hi my name is Tricia. I was born with (L) coloboma of the iris,(R) colobma of the choroid and retina and (R) internal strabismus. My vision in my left imageeye unaided is 1/18 and in my right 6/60.image

I'm writing this in order to give a little hope to all those mums who have had children with microphthalmos, colobomas or any other eye condition that impacts on their sight I don't know many people(adults) with
the same condition, so I only assume that there would be various degrees
of colobomas and I can only try to explain how life
imagehas been for me.image

I have grown up in a very caring and loving family. My parents have always encouraged me to do things that a fully sighted child would do . Though they have supplied the protected environment for me. They let me ride a bike, but only in our backyard.They have never held me back or kept me from trying something.They didn't treat me any differently or single me out. They of course knew that I had limitations but wanted me to find
imagethem for myself.image

The Op doctor that I had when I was a child, had suggested to my mother that she send me to a special school. My mum said she was going to see how I went in a private Catholic school. The doctor thought that would be fine, his main concern was that If I was sent to a Public school that I would get lost in the system and left behind. My parents tried me at the private school and I did fine there . The staff were very caring and understanding.Up until high school I would sit on the platform to take down my notes from the blackboard.Then once I started high school my doctor showed me a mini scope that had just been made available. From then on I was able to sit at a desk and take down my notes .I completed the higher school certificate with enlarged exam papers and extra exam time. I then went on to do an accounting course and my Diploma in financial planning. I have a full time job, happily married with two healthy children. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the best gift is one of encouragement
image and love.image

Yes I can remember being teased a fair bit as a child.Children are so very honest and at the same time very hurtful. My parents would always assure me that it was OK to be different and that no one is exactly the same. They would tell me how much they love me and explain that I was different because God made me that way and that made me
image very special.image

I hope I have given some words of encouragement and show how I have learned to make the most of what I do have and not dwell on what I haven't

You can contact Tricia
by e-mail.

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