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Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia

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NEW! Information on 2001 ican Conference-April 20-22, 2001

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Informative Links

Links to various Professional and Supportive websites of interest.

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Links to various Personal, supportive websites.

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Links to outside webpages for Visual Impairment and the Blind.

1999 ICAN International Conference (April 1999)

The conference itinerary.

Sponsor Acknowledgements

Speaker Biographies

Support of Increased Awareness and Education of A/M by the Villanova University Student Nursing Assoc.

Pictures! of the Conference/Genetic testing.


the kids playing.

Inspiring Stories

Trisha Hockley-an adults perspective.

Jacob O'Riordan- right unilateral microphthalmia with cyst and coloboma

Steven Brooks-left unilateral microphthalmia, aniridia, retinal detatchment

Andrew Bournes-bialteral anophthalmia

Tori Bounds-unilateral microphthalmia, with bialteral cysts and coloboma

Kelly Starrick-unilateral microphthalmia with detached retina

Laurisa Lewinsky-anophthalmia and microphthalmia

Ian Chinnery-unilateral microphthalmia

Family Pictures

pictures of the O'Riordan family.

Possible Causes

Links to possible environmental causes

Copies of articles from the Tampa Tribune in regards to Benate DF

Graphics and Awards

Links to site where I got some of the graphics for my pages.

Internet Awards for this site.

Circle of Friends

A webring designs by myself, and Pete Attenborough (MACS) to link together other websites on A/M and related eye disorders.(the logo and links are at the bottom of the first page of each site)

Joining the webring

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