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Kristi and Roman Lewinsky have one child. Laurisa was born in the spring of 1997 with anophthalmia and microphthalmia.
Kristi has been a great e-mail buddy, but since she started back to work, her life has been hectic!
They reside in Rodney Ontario,Canada. (close to London *S*)

She tells their story of the joys Laurisa has brought to them.
Please read on......................

My husband Roman and I waited for nine months to have a baby and finally she was here. On April 12, 1997 Laurisa Ann Lewinsky was born to us. She weighted 9LBS 13OZS. She was a beautiful little girl and we were so excited when the doctor placed her in our arms. I had a C-section due to footling breech and such a large baby. Everything went fine my whole 9 months other than a bladder infection which I had taken an antibiotic for. This was
image in my first trimester.image

Watching the nurse weigh and measure her was like no other feeling I had experienced. I was so tired and groggy after the delivery. They whisked Laurisa away to the nursery and Roman had just left for a quick minute when all of a sudden I heard them page him to return to the recovery room. I was wondering what was going on. All of a sudden there were doctors and nurses and they were telling us that Laurisa was blind and they thought she had no eyes. In the nursery the nurses noticed that she was not opening her eyes. We were devastated. I still get a feeling in my stomach when I remember that day. We were in the hopsital for 5 days and they did test after test. No genetic disorder/syndrome had accompanied this. We were so thankful for that. Every day brought new hope that Laurisa would be
image just fine.image

On the day of my discharge we met with the Ophthalmologist. He confirmed that Laurisa had microphthalmia in one eye and anophthalmia in the other. He also explained that we were not alone that there were 3 other babies that
image had this as well.image

It was very hard adjusting to the news and we still have some days where we wonder why? These days are becoming less. Laurisa is doing fine and meeting her milestones. They may not be as quick as a sighted child but they
image are just as exciting.image

We thank God that he brought Laurisa into this world for us. We love her to pieces and would not change a thing. She is 15 months now and she is pulling herself up all the time and probably she will be walking in
image no time at all!image

I still wonder to this day if I was exposed to anything that could have caused this. There are now 9 babies in my geographical area that have been born with this same condition. The children are all under the age of 3 and we keep in close contact. I have and continue to do research into this. I am hoping that there will be a link between our families. If this can be avoidable it would be a great thing to know and share with other parents. I now live each day to the fullest and make each day count. Life is so much better now
image with Laurisa to share it with.image

imageThank you for letting me share my story.*Smile*image

You can contact Kristi or Roman through their e-mail address.

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