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Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia


other related eye disorders

Hi, I'm Diann.

I decided to build a site for Microphthalmia and Anophthalmia when our youngest son, Jacob was diagnosed with Microphthalmia with cyst,and Coloboma of the right eye when he

was 3 weeks old.

Jacob at 8 months old: 1 month after getting his first artificial eye.

Jacob at 7 1/2 years old:

Searching for information on Jakes condition was extremely frustrating and disappointing. There didn't seem to be much out there to help satisfy my urgency to know more about what our son was born

with, not to mention what we can do to help him.

It wasn't until I started corresponding with other families around the world, that I felt less alone. Being able to talk with others who know what you are going through and what your about to go through makes all the difference

in the world!

As I look back and write our initial story and prepare other family's stories,

I can't believe how far we all have come *smile*

Through the internet I have found wonderful friends that have helped me through hard frustrating times as well as joyous times. We e-mail, chat, and make plans to meet sometime, somewhere in the near future, and I hope one

day I can meet each and everyone!

Ok, thats why this page was started. To bring together families, share our stories and experiences, and to help new parents feel less alone.


So sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or soda, which ever you prefer *S*)

because I've got lots of stuff for you here!


Table of Contents

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