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There are various ways that we all stay in touch with each other.

A Chat group was started a bit ago, and it is great! We meet every first and third Tuesday evening of the month around 9:30 p.m. (EST), to talk about anything and everything. Beth has named it appropriately- MICROPHTHALMIA/ANOPHTHALMIA: Caring Parents
. Due to the various different problems that our children have in addition to Micro or anophthalmia, parents talk about PHPV, cataracts, cysts, prosthesis, conformers, surgeries, ect.... If you'd like to join us you can e-mail Beth Bounds at for additional information on our chat.

My favorite is through ICQ. Visit my Personal ICQ page to contact me if you don't have the program or tto download it. ITS FREE. There are quite a few people that use ICQ to talk with other parents. The nice thing about ICQ is, after you set up your contact list, you can see who is on line to talk with!

My ICQ# is 1704611, I'd love to hear from you.

Another way I talk with parents is through Netscape's AOL Instant Messenger service. Their program also lets you know who is on line. You can not talk in real time like ICQ, but you can talk by sending messages back and forth. A little slower, but not everyone wants to try ICQ! (Don't know why....)
If you have AOL's AIM you find me thru my email address my user name is 'DiORiordan'.


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