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This is the homepage of the Circle of Friends Webring. Although this is a new ring, we will (hopefully) be adding links quickly.
Would you like to join?

The only thing required to join is to have a homepage about Anophthalmia, Microphthalmia, Coloboma or related eye conditions to these.
It doesn't have to be strictly about these, somewhere having your story at your site about your situation would be good, but we are trying to help new families find information easier.

Want to add your page to our Circle of Friends?
Its real easy!

How to join the ring

Please follow these step closely to preserve the integrity of the ring!

----Save a copy of the circle of friends logo you see below. Be sure to save it in the same directory as the page where this webring will appear.

----Next visit THIS SITE to register your page. You will get an e-mail to confirm along with a site ID# and your password. DON"T forget your password.

REMEMBER----give the page address (to the above site) of exactly which page you want the webring to appear on. ----To make things easier for you, when you register I will set up the HTML and mail it to you directly.

----All you have to do is COPY and PASTE from the e-mial directly to the bottom of your site.

----After you have copied and pasted the HTML code to your page contact me and let me know, I will activate your account. (it is important that your account not be activated until you have this placed at your would disrupt the ring.) ----Then the last step-I will e-mail you as soon as it is activated!

OH! One more thing......


To save the image, right click over the image, and click "save image as". After that you will need to upload it to your site and save it in your directory of images.

Circle of Friends Use this one on the left side.

Circle of Friends Use this one on the right side.

To edit your information on the ring any time.....CLICK HERE. If you encounter any problems please let me know, someone will be able to help.

This a sample of what the webring link will look like:

Circle of Friends

This Circle of Friends site is owned by
Diann O'Riordan.




Click here for Information on joining.

Circle of Friends