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You'll find real honest answers to things of sexual interest if you are over 50.

Updated : April 2 1999

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 Hanks Pages always in need of updating....

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On-Line Since Summer 1997. This is a site created by, and especially for, single handed males over 50.

What's written here is being updated and changed constantly -- stay tuned! You wont need to bookmark it or make it a favorite site because you'll always remember the name how could you forget it! Next time you are feeling handy, remember

Stop by and offer some insights about your wanking that will help create the world's first informational wankbank.


What's here?

Things of interest for that one thing we all got in common - being single or singular. As a mature visitor you are able to take part in our on-going, very lively, erotic letters to the editor . These letters are the main areas of interest of most visitors. You can pretty much say what will about your wanking habits and make comments about the main subject at There are other areas for your wanking enjoyment and interest. The letters and stories and all the 'personal' photos that middleaged and elderly men send us are in our RESTRICTED AREA. The only way you can visit that area is to be a legal adult (and prove it!)

The only requirements that visitors to this site should share is their batchelor-hood (real or imagined), their middleaged -ness and their singlehandedness!

The purpose of this site is to offer help and advice. To promote the healthy act of wanking far into old age that will bring you pleasure for as long as possible! (AND possibly prevent prostate problems!)

Those of you that are losing it or think you are losing it, lets have some questions and those of you who can still whack away lets hear your secrets and statistics. The junior member can then learn from your wisdom and take his own future in his hand and make the fabulous private art of wanking, joyful til the end of their days.

You elders can pass your secrets down to the younger ones so they too can enjoy their handiwork for the rest of their lives. Lets hear your stories and your input. This is your forum - (you will be completely anonymous!)

If you are a loner because of choice or circumstance you are welcome and I would like you to email a short note or a long letter and give feedback.


Stories and articles about anything. There are thousands of stories and tales of real life that belong here - not fiction. Life, as we all find out as we age, is far more interesting than fiction. But on the other hand if a story reaches into being a tall tale... well, so be it!

Old George (a confirmed wanker) has some tales of his own and an information database of wanking or rather how you can continue to wank happily far into old age. There are stories from wankers who still do it and those who cannot.

By far the most interesting areas are the Letters to the Editor pages. Each month we print some of the email we get. Here you will learn the private secrets never before revealed about the old man next door, Mr Ordinary Citizen, your grandpa, your boss, the man on the street or the Inner You. Our Letters to the Editor pages are providing data about that one part of our lives we never fully reveal to people we know. Anonymously we can tell all - it's interesting, amazing and highly down-to-earth informative.


Warning!!! This website's material may not be suitable for all to read. Half of this website is already 'Restricted to Adults' and the rest is mature reading. As the Internet falls under heavy controls (coming soon) laws will prevent ANY mention of the word sex in case a minor [under 18 (21 some places) ANY age in some countries] should hear or read it... of course it'll still be acceptable to expose minors to extreme violence and encourage disobedience and a disregard for other peoples feelings.



If you are, or were, a wanker born before 1948 - Book mark this page and return every so often for some more good things for senior wankers - If you want to submit articles or stories relating to the sexual concerns of men over 50 -- send email to:

Your comments appreciated

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