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December, 2000

Hellish Holidays,

Can you believe it? Issue Four has finally risen to the surface of Internet-dom! Yes, my impatient masses, ID is back.

SO much has happened in this new millenium to cause so many delays in publishing this issue. I'll try not to bore you with details, just allow me to say that it's been a trying year, yet I've still completed many interviews which have added up to the whopping 18 interviews you'll find within.

The reviews section has grown quite a bit thanks to a few labels that now offer support and to the amount of reviewers that have offered their time. I still have a stack of cds sitting here waiting to be reviewed...

There's still a lot of sections that I'm updating at the moment, so keep that in mind when you come across sections that are old as hell.

That is all, my friends. Please let me know your thoughts...Email, sign the guestbook, post on the message board.

Psychotic delusions for all...


July 2001
Milwaukee Auditorium