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Can you tell me what the lineup is for ____Fest?

I won't reply to email asking if a certain band is playing a certain fest, or to email asking me to email you back with a lineup listing. All the most current information on lineups and scheduling is always going to be posted on the site.

My suggestion is to sign up for the email list. I will send out a quick note when the page is updated with important information.

Where should I stay?

I've recently added a huge listing of hotels for a couple of the festivals in the Metal Mania Series. These also include distance in mileage from the venue, so you can plan accordingly.

How much do hotels in that area cost? What do you think I'll have to pay?

Well, I'm not sure about any of the more recently added festival areas, but I am familiar with Milwaukee. When the Milwaukee Metalfest was still being held at the Eagles Auditorium, the Ambassador Hotel (right across the street) was well-aware of the Metalfest (it's where most of the bands stayed) and they usually quote prices based on that. They were probably ripping us all off at the time, but if you want to stay where everyone else is, expect to pay more for convenience, location, how fast the rooms are booking, etc.

QUICK TIP...When booking a hotel room, never, never, ever accept the "rack" rate (probably the first rate they quote you). Some hotels are very secretive (especially if they're an independent one...and they don't usually budge on rates. Think Ambassador here...) They will almost always have special rates for AAA Members, Allstate, military personnel, certain credit cards, etc.

Fuck that! I'll sleep in my car...Where can I park?

Haha, yeah right. Milwaukee PD doesn't seem to like that. I knew some friends who did that a couple of years back and they ended up parking in like three different places after the cops or security kept telling them to leave.

If you want cheaper places to stay, try motels, hotels/motels in a different city, or campgrounds even. Or try to hook up a place to stay on a bulletin board like the one at Metal Maniacs Magazine.

How much are tickets? Where can I get them? Does Ticketmaster sell them?

All ticket information is located everywhere on my site. However, I STRONGLY suggest buying tickets from one of the bands. They have to buy 20 or so tickets to play ($1000). As much as they totally appreciate you going to see them at the fests, they'd probably love you even more if you bought the tickets from them. And yes, Ticketmaster sells them, but you'll pay a service fee. PLUS, bands usually sell their tickets for $50, as opposed to the advertised $55.

Well, how can I get in touch with a band selling tickets? Isn't there a chance they'll rip me off?

If you would like to get in touch with one of the bands on the lineup, please feel free to email me. I am usually in contact with many of the bands, or at least know how to contact them. OR now you can check the message board I set up specifically for this purpose:

And I've never heard of a band ripping someone off when buying Metalfest tickets from them. It wouldn't be worth the $50 they'd be stealing.

Okay, so now I have my tickets and my hotel reservations, how do I get there??

Ever heard of an ATLAS? Or a MAP? Okay, I'm being a smartass. I usually have a pretty detailed map of the area on the website. However, where you're coming from (usually out of state), is totally up to you. Try searching for directions through some sites like AltaVista or Yahoo.

Do they allow cameras? Videocameras?

Cameras...Well, they always say they do, but watch out for security when entering. They always get told that no cameras are allowed, for some reason. Videocameras...As many as I saw at the San Antonio Fest, you'd think they allowed them. But they don't.

How much of a ripoff is the food and beer?

Pretty much expect to pay like $2-$3 for water or pop, and I think beer was like $4. The San Antonio Fest sucked ass for food, but they had pop machines, which was way cheaper than their prices. Milwaukee had a MUCH better food setup in '99 when they moved it to the Milwaukee Auditorium.

Are you gonna be there?

Hopefully! I'll definitely be in Milwaukee though...