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Chris Maleski's Home Page

Hey There! Welcome to My Web Page. My name's Chris. Oh yeah, You
probably already knew that. Oh well. How's it going? I'm pretty good I suppose.

I'd just like to apologize for the number of popups on my page. It's truly ridiculous that eight
billion of them are needed. If I pay a monthly fee they will disappear, but I'd much rather just say
I'm sorry for the number of them on here. If you just leave the window open until you're done viewing
the page, it won't pop up everytime you click. But again, I AM sorry.

Anyways...I'm having some fun, you know, just going to college here at Michigan State University.
College Life is awesome. I'm trying to keep you updated on my everyday life with that first link below,
but apparently, for me, it's rather difficult. I truly apologize, and I will do my best to update it
as much as I can. So, Check out "The Latest" and enjoy the rest of my page if you would.

The Latest On My Everyday Life

Stories of... COLLEGE LIFE!

Alright. I got a NEW picture of me on here. I was told that I needed a different one because the
one I had made me look much more "glum" than I actually am. So, here's the newest pic, it was
a lil bright outside, as you can see. But again, it's better than the last one, and definitely
better than the pics of me on my skydiving page. That's for sure.

Psst... HEY! One more thing.
SIGN My Guestbook, will you? I'd appreciate it.


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Sorry to say but umm... You've reached the End of This Page.
Well, technically you have after those lines, links, and my email addy.

Last updated... July 28th, 2003.

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