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Tousaint Charbonneau

Toussaint Charbonneau was part Iroqois.  He was born in or near Montreal Canada around 1759.
Lewis, Clark, Hidatsas and the Mandans didn't have much respect for Charbonneau.  They were sick of his bragging and rough ways so they gave him nicknames like Chief of Little Village and Forest Bear.  Charbonneau had either bought or won Sacagawea then married her.  He had many other Shoshone wives.  When the Corps came around he wanted to be the interpreter.  At the last minute he came to Lewis and Clark with a list of demands. It included that he would only work as an interpreter. He would do no labor under any circumstances. He would never have to stand guard. And he could leave the Corps whenever he wanted to, taking whatever and whoever he needed to survive.  The captains would not accept this.  Charbonneau went anyway.  They wanted him to come along because then that would have the help of Sacagawea.

Alana J. White