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William Clark was born on August 1, 1770.  When he was young he and his family moved from Virginia to Kentucky. He probably did not have much formal clothing.  He later joined a local militia to protect American citizens. There he learned how to be an expert river boatsman, rifle shot, and learned how to draw maps, build forts and command.  Eventually he joined the regular army like Lewis.
Lewis and Clark met at a small frontier outpost of Fort Greenville.  There Clark was the commander for Lewis.  After a couple months Clark left the army and went back to Kentucky, but he kept in touch with Lewis.  On the expedition like Sacagawea, he didn't eat dogs.  York who also came along on the expedition, was Clark's slave.  Clark was good-natured and out going.  He also had bright red hair.  Clark tried to treat the Native Americans fairly. In turn they liked him and nicknamed him Chief Red Hair.  Later he was named governor of the Missouri territory.  When Lewis died, Clark named his son Meriwether Lewis Clark.
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