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Prison Slips

According to WWWebsters Dictionary, SLIP means:
to become uttered through inadvertence;
to get away from;
to let loose from a restraining leash or grasp;
to give or pay on the sly;
the act, or an instance of departing secretly or hurriedly;
a mistake in judgment, policy, or procedure;
an unintentional and trivial mistake or fault;
a sudden mishap;
a fall from some level or standard.

Now I've got over 13 years in prison, doing 8 hrs a day.
Since day one I've always kept a notebook. You know, the kind that is bound at the top with a spiral of wire. Size-wise, it's just right to fit into my uniform shirt pocket.

Each day I served, has one page, and each page covered one day.
As you can well imagine, my stack of notebooks now is pretty impressive, taking up about 20 inches of space in my bookshelf.

Most of the entries are numbers, from some long forgotten task I was required to do.
Shakedowns, callouts, details, and a myriad of other duties, to serve and protect the People of the State.
Every few pages, however, is written a little quip that someone said and I was amused enough at the time to want to remember.
Posted here is part of that collection.
My Disclaimer:
The events and characters depicted in this document, have never existed, and any similarities to any persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Of course this will be an ongoing endeaver, as it seems I'll not soon run out of material. Enjoy, but don't pick up the soap!
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