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Whisper in my ear, my love

of things that used to be

when we were young, and life

was ahead for both of us to see.

Tell me of times long ago

when everything was new,

the wonder and love that

filled us could more

than see us through.

Whisper in my ear, my love

Tell me how you feel

words and thoughts that

talk of love,

emotions that are real.

Tell of how my love fills

and grows deeply in your heart,

Tell me how our souls now joined

will never be apart.

Whisper in my ear, my love

and say as days go by

that time for us is meaningless

then answer my question why.

Tell me that the way we feel

will never ever end,

and with the love that we now share

in love's game we both will win.

Whisper in my ear, my love

of how as we both grow

that love and feelings we both have

will always continue and we'll know.

That times won't always be easy

and maybe sometimes sad,

our road could get rough somedays

and we both could get quite mad.

But through it all the love we share

will still always be near,

an eternity will barely be long enough

My love, just whisper in my ear.