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part 9 (final)

War Chronicle of the Partisans For the first time in the history of Lithuania we are beginning to publish the “War Chronicle of the Partisans”, compiled by Algis Rupainis. This Chronicle gives a day by day description of all the steps in the struggle of our nation against the occupying forces. This is a priceless document for the history of our nation. (Editor of Vartiklis: -js-) This is part 9 of the Chronicle. We invite you to read the start of the Chronicle and its earlier parts, up to part 8. Abbreviations used in the Chronicle Abbreviation Meaning in Lithuanian Meaning in English ALA Algimanto apygarda Algimantas Command BDLS Bendrasis demokratinis Lietuvos sajujdis General Democratic Union of Lithuania BDPS Bendrasis demokratinio pasipriešinimo sajujdis General Democratic Resistance Movement DA Dainavos apygarda Dainava Command DGA Dariaus ir Gireno Apygarda Darius & Girenas Command DKA Didziosios Kovos apygarda Great Battle Command DKR Didziosios Kovos rinktine Great Battle Special Team GP Gynybos pajegos Defence Forces KLT Karo Lauko teismas Court Martial LF Lietuviu frontas Lithuanian Front LGK Lietuvos gynimo komitetas Lithuanian Defence Committee LIK Lietuvos išlaisvinimo komitetas Lithuanian Liberation Committee LIT Lietuvos išlaisvinimo taryba Lithuanian Liberation Council LLA Lietuvos laisves armija Lithuanian Freedom Army LLA OS LLA Organizacinis sektorius (veliau – organizacinis skyrius) LLA Organisational Sector (later – Organisational Section) LLA ŠA 3-oji LLA Šiaures apygarda 3rd LLA Northern Command LLA VS LLA Veikiantysis sektorius (Vanagai) LLA Active Sector (Vanagai - “Hawks”) LLKS Lietuvos laisves kovotoju sajudis Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union LRS Lietuvos Rezistencinis Sajudis Lithuanian Resistance Movement LPS Lietuvos partizanu sajunga Lithuanian Partisans’ Union LTT Lietuviu tautine taryba Lithuanian National Council PA Prisikelimo apygarda Revival Command PGPV Vyriausioji ginkluotuju pajegu vadovybe Supreme Armed Forces Leadership PLP Pietu Lietuvos partizanai South Lithuanian Partisans RA Raudonoji armija Red Army RL Rytu Lietuva East Lithuania ŠRL Šiaures rytu Lietuva Northwest Lithuania TA Tauro apygarda Tauras Command TAR Tevynes apsaugos rinktine Homeland Defence Special Team TGS Tautos gelbejimo sajunga National Assistance Union VA Vytauto apygarda Vytautas Command VCA Vycio apygarda Vytis Command VGPŠ Vyriausiasis ginkluotuju pajegu štabas Supreme Armed Forces Headquarters VL Vakaru Lietuva West Lithuania VLAK Vyriausiasis Lietuvos atstatymo komitetas Supreme Committee for the Restoration of Lithuania VLIK Vyriausiasis Lietuvos išlaisvinimo komitetas Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania VLKSO Vieningos laisves kovos sajudzio organizacija United Freedom Fight Movement Organisation ZA Zemaiciu apygarda Samogitian Command ZL Zemaiciu legionas Samogitian Legion 1951 01 14 Death of TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) Special Team leader A. Puzas and command post OIC K. Jazumas. New leader is V. Menkevicius (Spyglys – “Spike”). L-480 TA 1951 01 LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium member J. Kimštas (Zalgiris – “Grünwald”) issues order Nr. 103 to form new Gediminas Special Team by combining VCA (Vytis Command) Krištaponis and Briedis (“Moose”) special teams. Leader is J. Vepštas (Paukštelis – “Birdy”); when he was killed on 14 March 1951 E. Dauciunas (aka Jokeris – “Joker” or Rimantas) became the new leader. The Team had 3 tevunijos (brigades): Varpas (“Bell”), Aušra (“Dawn”) and Trimitas (“Trumpet”). L-319, LKA10-27, 31 VCA 1951 01 26 (15) Battle in the grove of Mincia, near Lake Utenykšcia. Acting on information from their agents, occupation forces surround VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team command post bunker. Team leader P. Racinskas (aka Drugys [“Moth”] or Zaibas [“Lightning”]) and S. Purevicius (Švyturys - “Beacon”) are killed. New team leader is B. Vaicenas (Pavasaris – “Spring”). L-306, 491, LKA16-92, (DL-73, 87), BUL VA 1951 02 02 Šakiai county, Endrikiai village. TA (Tauras Command) leader V. Vitkauskas (Karijotas) is caught in an ambush and killed. L-176, 480, LK-613, LKA3-45, LPK-717 TA 1951 02 06 Battle in Lazdijai district, Bestraigiške forest. DA (Dainava Command) Šarunas Special Team command post is destroyed; 7 personnel are killed, including Team leader J. Jurgelionis (Sakalas – “Falcon”). B. Šalaševicius (Zilvitis) becomes new Team leader in March 1951. L-203, LK-613 DA 1951 02 09 (10) Telšiai district, Varniai county, Cepaiciai village (or possibly Rietavas district, Vaitkaiciai village). VL-Jura (West Lithuania – Maritime) region leader, partisan Major V. Ivanauskas (Gintautas) perishes, betrayed. From 20 March interim region leader is KA (Kestutis Command) leader A. Bakšys (Germantas). LK-461, (L-230, 485), LK-598 VL 1951 02 15 Prienai district, Jaunoniai village. Death of another victim of treason: TA (Tauras Command) finance director Urbonas Dailide (Tauras – “Aurochs”), who had accompanied A. Ramanauskas and A. Grybinas to a partisan leaders’ meeting in West Lithuania at the end of 1948. LBD-194, LPK-429 TA 1951 02 16 According to MGB reports, the command post of LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) GP (Armed Forces) was destroyed. A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”) transferred to the Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Squad of DA (Dainava Command), operating in Alytus district. LKA9-183 VV 1951 03 19 Švencioneliai district, Labanoras grove. Betrayal leads to death of partisans in VA (Vytautas Command) command post bunker. Dead include: RL (East Lithuania) region and VA (Vytautas Command) chief of staff V. Pakštas (Gintvytis) and his wife Deveikyte (Vaidilute – “Priestess”), also agitation and propaganda chief A. Bulka (aka Dainius or Kuršaitis) and 5 partisans. New command post OIC is J. Kemeklis. J. Bulka (Skrajunas – “Flyer”) was captured and became an MGB agent and assassin code-named “Bimba”. According to MVD reports, in the period from his capture to 15 May 1953 he was instrumental in the death of 45 partisans. L-288, 306, 489, 491, LKA16-30, LPK-448, 695 VA 1951 03 24 Klaipeda. Arrest of several members of KA (Kestutis Command) Birute Special Team (Dubysa rajonas) who were attempting to establish an organisation to maintain links with the West. This task had been assigned in 1950 by the Jura region leadership to Dubysa leaders S. Narbutas (Apolinaras) and B. Zivatkauskas (Keršys). L-253 KA 1951 04 04 Betrayal: VCA (Vytis Command) Zalioji (“Green”) Special Team leader J. Januševicius (Rakšnys) is killed. LKA8-35 VCA 1951 04 06 Anykšciai district, Aknystele village, farmstead of A. Tumas. More betrayal: VA (Vytautas Command) Liutas (“Lion”) Special Team leader A. Lapienis (Demonas) is killed due to treason of MGB agent J. Bulka (Skrajunas – “Flyer”). New team leader is T. Kviklys (Klajunas - “Wanderer”). LKA16-50, 126 VA 1951 04 10 (11) Utena district, Tauragnai county, Strazdai village. J. Bulka (MGB agent “Bimba”) lures VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team leader B. Vaicenas (Pavasaris – “Spring”) and 6 partisans into a trap where they are killed. J. Dudenas (Dagys – “Spike”) takes over leadership of team. BUL, LK-604, DL-88, 89, LKA16-93, 94, 132, (L-307, LPK-66, 431, 687) VA 1951 04 J. Jankauskas (Demonas) becomes leader of TA (Tauras Command) Zalgiris (“Grünwald”) Special Team. L-177, 480 TA 1951 04 19 Paratroopers J. Butenas (Steve) and J. Kukauskas (aka Gardenis or Dzykis) are dropped into the forests of Kazlu Ruda. They meet up with TA (Tauras Command) leader J. Jankauskas (Demonas) and K. Širvys (Sakalas – “Falcon”) and are stationed in a bunker with Warrant Officer P. Jurkšaitis (Berzas – “Birch”). On 22 May 1951 enemies surround the bunker: P. Jurkšaitis and J. Butenas are killed, J. Kukauskas is arrested. L-177, 178, 480, LKA3-46, LPK-672 TA, VV 1951 04 20 KA (Kestutis Command) leaders’ meeting appoints K. Labanauskas (Kunotas), leader of Birute Special Team, as leader of KA. Former KA leader, A. Bakšys (Germantas) is confirmed new leader of VL (West Lithuania) region on 20 May 1951. L-230, 254, 485, LK-461 VA, VL 1951 05 20 Paratrooper B. Trumpys (Rytis) and 3 TA (Tauras Command) partisans are killed in a bunker in the forest of Altoniškiai. L-177, 480 TA 1951 05 23 (02) Pine forest of Punia. Death of DA (Dainava Command) Dzukai Special Team leader V. Ambrozevicius (Balandis – “Dove”). New leader is J. Kucinskas (aka Spyruoklis or Tautmylis). L-202, (LK-592) DA 1951 06 30-07 02 Jura region leaders meet with LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium chairman J. Zemaitis (Vytautas). They decide that: from 1 August A. Bakšys (Germantas), leader of VL (West Lithuania) region, shall be LLKS presidium secretary; PA (Revival Command) leader P. Morkunas (Rimantas) shall be new leader of Jura region; J. Paliunas (Rytas – “Morning”) will replace P. Morkunas as PA leader. The leaders are informed that PA has two Special Teams left: Maironis and Kunigaikštis Zvelgaitis (“Prince Zvelgaitis”). L-254, 276, 488, LK-461, LKA13-14 PA, VL, VV 1951 S. Staniškis (Viltis – “Hope”) prepares draft LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) Discipline Code. L-90 VV 1951 07 20 TA (Tauras Command) leader J. Jankauskas (Demonas) appoints paratrooper K. Širvys (Sakalas – “Hawk”) leader of Zalgiris Special Team. At that time A. Grikietis (aka Slapukas or Vidmantas) was leader of Vytautas Special Team; V. Menkevicius (Spyglys – “Spike”) was leader of Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team. Communications between the Teams had broken off. L-177, 480 TA 1951 08 Partisan units which had been operating in the Birzai region under the leadership of B. Krivickas (code name “Vilnius”) join VCA (Vytis Command) Zalioji (“Green”) Special Team. On 25 August a new Special Team, called Sierakauskas Tevunija is formed; in September it is renamed Pilenai*. Leader is S. Giedrikas (Girietis – “Grove Dweller”). L-320, 492, LKA10-29, G-162, KAP-532, 692 VCA *[Pilenai is the name given to a group of 14th Lithuanians who resisted Prussian conquest and committed suicide rather than surrender when they were besieged in their fortress.] 1951 08 Partisans of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team led by J. Dudenas (Dagys – “Spike”) liquidate 2 communist activists. LKA16-95 VA 1951 09 04 Pazerai village, Veiveriai county, Marijampole district. The traitor J. Kukauskas lures LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) representative abroad, Juozas Lukša, into a trap to be killed. Juozas Lukša was also known by these various code names: Vytis, Skirmantas, Kazimieras, Araminas, Kestutis, Skrajunas (“Flyer”), Daumantas, S. Mykolaitis. DP-393, L-480, LBD-198, LK-601, LKA11-117-122 TA, VV 1951 09 VA (Vytautas Command) leader B. Kalytis (Liutauras) met in Sartai district with partisans of Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team. They agreed that in order to spare the lives of young people and to save their relatives from retaliation by the Soviet authorities they would desist from active conflict and would not attempt to disrupt the conscription of local youth into the Soviet Army. LKA16-95 VA 1951 09 VA (Vytautas Command) leader B. Kalytis (Liutauras) unknowingly puts MGB informant T. Kviklys (Klajunas – “Wanderer”), leader of Liutas (“Lion”) Special Team, in charge of VA military intelligence section. T. Kviklys’ treachery causes the death of 2 partisans until he is himself arrested by the MGB on 14 November 1951 and shot by them on 19 November 1952. LKA16-30 VA 1951 09 On a visit to Tumas-Vaizgantas Special Team, VA (Vytautas Command) leader B. Kalytis (Liutauras) suggests that the partisan group led by J. Abukauskas (aka Siaubas – “Terror” or Vytenis), about 20 men, break up into small groups and await liberation. LKA16-30 VA 1951 09 23 Led by P. Jankauskas (Alksnis – “Alder”), five partisans of Aras (“Eagle”) group of VA (Vytautas Command) Liutas (“Lion”) Special Team march in to local MGB headquarters carrying a red flag and a copy of the Soviet Constitution and surrender. LKA16-53 VA 1951 09 27 Alytus district, Seirija county, Bestraigiške forest, near Demeniškiai village. Death of DA (Dainava Command) leader J. Geguzis (Diemedis – “Wormwood”) betrayed by B. Saveikis (Klajunas – “Wanderer”), who had been his comrade-in-arms since 1945. Also killed was Šarunas Special Team leader B. Šalaševicius (Zilvitis) and 4 other partisan leaders. Dzukai Special Team Juozapavicius brigade command post OIC J. Karpavicius (Medelis) was taken prisoner and forced to collaborate with MGB. KDK, L-212, 484, LK-596, LPK-449, 669 DA 1951 09 28 Akmene district, Girkanciai forest. Destruction of PA (Revival Command) Kunigaikštis Zvelgaitis (“Prince Zvelgaitis”) Special Team command post; it was revived by B. Krišciunas (Puntukas) and operated until 1952. L-276, 488 PA 1951 10 02 Mass deportation of Lithuanians (to Siberia). Particularly targeted were the families of partisans and their supporters, also the families of “dissenters” and “bourgeois elements”. LGT-424 OK 1951 10 18 Simnas district, Barkuniškis forest. Death of DA (Dainava Command) Dzukai Special Team leader J. Kucinskas (Tautmylis); new leader is V. Daunoras (aka Kelmas - “Stump” or Ungurys – “Eel”). L-202 DA 1951 10 26 Partisans occupy Švencionys railway station. L-25 VA 1951 late October Leader of Nemunas Region, S. Staniškis (Viltis – “Hope”), appoints Dzukai Special Team leader V. Daunoras (aka Kelmas - “Stump” or Ungurys – “Eel”) to be interim leader of DA (Dainava Command). L-212 DA 1951 11 10 Leader of PL-Nemunas (South Lithuania – Nemunas) Region, S. Staniškis (Viltis – “Hope”) agrees with suggestion to move LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) headquarters to the PL-Nemunas Region; however due to organisational problems this transfer was never effected. LK-462 VV 1951 11 A. Bakšys (Germantas) is relieved of his duties as LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium secretary and is assigned to be in charge of LLKS presidium section Nr 2. LK-462, LKA13-15 VL, VV 1951 11 TA (Tauras Command) leader J. Jankauskas (Demonas) meets with Nemunas region leader S. Staniškis (Viltis – “Hope”) in the forest of Prienai and learns of the death of J. Lukša (aka Skirmantas or S. Mykolaitis); he informs K. Širvys (Sakalas – “Hawk”). L-178 TA, VV 1951 11 24 Dukštas district, Šazenai village. Enemy agent K. Juodvalkis treats his fellow partisans of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team to some “special” liquor. One is killed on the spot, 5 are captured, including Zalgiris (“Grünwald”) Company Sartai regional unit leader J. Dudenas (Dagys – “Spike”), who had been leading the remnants of Lokys Team. J. Dudenas was shot on 18 August 1952. L-308, LKA16-95, 132 VA 1951 12 06 A. Bakšys (Germantas) resumes leadership of VL (West Lithuania) Region. P. Morkunas (Rimantas) is appointed leader of KA (Kestutis Command); J. Vilcinskas (Algirdas) is appointed KA command post OIC. L-255, 486, LK-463, LKA13-15 KA, VL 1951 12 Death of 5 DKA (Great Battle Command) Special Team A 3rd battalion partisans (led by V. Balciunas – Jupiteris [“Jupiter”]). L-333 DKA 1951 12 VA (Vytautas Command) Liutas (“Lion”) Special Team ceases activity. L-491 VA 1951 12 20 (1951 11) Moletai district, near Stirniai lake. A group of MGB assassins capture VA (Vytautas Command) leader B. Kalytis (Liutauras), who had been lured to a secret meeting place by Tigras (“Tiger”) Special Team partisan A. Radzevicius (Tarzanas – “Tarzan”), who was actually MGB agent “Alfa”. Also captured is M. Urbonas (Liepa – “Linden”). Both are recruited into the service of the MGB. According to notes subsequently kept by B. Kalytis, by 15 May 1953 he had been personally involved in killing 35 partisans. L-308, 489, 491, AL-305, LPK-448, (LKA16-31, 98, 121) VA 1951 12 22 Newly-recruited MGB agents B. Kalytis and M. Urbonas betray and cause the death of their colleague VA (Vytautas Command) command post OIC, Tumas-Vaizgantas Special Team leader J. Kemeklis (Granitas – “Granite”) and 6 other partisans. Soviet soldiers blew up the bunker of Liutas (“Lion”) Special Team Eršketis (“Blackthorn”) Company in the village of Pelenes, district of Moletai. The VA command post ceased to function; V. Cepukonis (Tigras – “Tiger”) became the new leader of Tumas Vaizgantas Team. L-289, 308, 309, 489, 491, LK-612, LKA16-31, 50, 98, 121, LPK-681 VA 1951 12 26 DA (Dainava Command) Šarunas Special Team ceased to function as an organisational unit. The Team’s headquarters were destroyed and its last leader, A. Petruškevicius (Rimvydas), was killed, betrayed by J. Karpavicius (Medelis – “Sapling”). According to MGB reports the latter then posed as leader of the Team in order to entrap and destroy the last remaining maverick partisans of the team. KDK, L-212, 484 DA winter of 1951-1952 VA (Vytautas Command) Tigras (“Tiger”) Special team still has 15 active partisans; V. Zaliaduonis (Cezaris – “Caesar”) is in charge of command post operating in the vicinity of Ignalina-Vydziai. LKA16-66 VA 1951-1952 Former VA (Vytautas Command) leader B. Kalytis, now an MGB agent-assassin by the code name of Ramojus, feigns to be forming a new RL (East Lithuania) Region command post, makes contact with various groups of partisans and systematically destroys them. L-289, LKA16-98 VA 1952 01 03 TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team Kestutis Squad leader A. Bieliunas (Kabelis) is captured and forced to serve the enemy. In the summer of 1952 he betrays and causes the death of the last remaining Vytautas Team partisans: J. Juknelis (Deimantas – “Diamond”) who was killed trying to evade capture; Azuolas (“Oak”) Squad leader A. Rutkauskas (Miškinis – “Bushman”) and J. Sasnauskas (Kolumbas – “Columbus”) were captured, tried and shot. P. Burnelis (Inkaras – “Anchor”) was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. L-180, LKA3-48 TA 1952 01 PA (Revival Command) Maironis Special Team is renamed in honour of Povilas Lukšys. It is lead by J. Paliunas (Rytas – “Morning”). L-278 PA 1952 01 21 Death of TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team leader A. Grikietis (aka Slapukas or Vidmantas) and 4 members of the Team’s leadership group. They were betrayed by enemy agent Variagas, the assassin A. Bieliunas (Kabelis), former leader of TA and the Vytautas Team, who had been captured 18 days earlier. L-480, LPK-674, VT-380, 484 TA 1952 01 29 LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium chairman J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) appoints S. Staniškis (Viltis – “Hope”) as his second-in-command and A. Bakšys (Germantas) as third. LKA7-66 VV 1952 01 30 J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) stands down from the position of LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium chairman due to ill health and authorises A. Bakšys (Germantas) to negotiate with partisan leaders about candidates to fill the position. He nominates A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”) and awards him the rank of Partisan General. L-142, LKA7-68 VV 1952 01 31 Prienai district, forest of Varnabude. Death of four partisans in a battle with enemy troops who had surrounded their camp. They were: TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team and Dešinys Squad leader K. Kurtinys (Azuolas – “Oak”), B. Popiera (Meška), K. Popiera (Geguzis – “May”) and L. Vokietaitis (Karys – “Warrior”). LKA3-48, VT-485 TA early 1952 Destruction of VA (Vytautas Command) command post. MGB creates a spurious VA command post in its place. Officer-in-charge is agent Bimba (J. Bulka – Skrajunas [“Flyer”]). LKA16-101, 121 OK, VA 1952 02 03 DA (Dainava Command) Kazimieraitis Special Team ceases to function. Acting on information from their agents, the MGB find and destroy the Team’s secret command post in a forest in the Druskininkai district near the village of Randamonys. The Team’s deputy leader B. Damulevicius (Kelmas – “Stump”) and one of the platoon leaders J. Sinkevicius (Jotvingis) are killed. Team leader J. Drazdauskas (Putinas) is arrested and made to work for the MGB. L-212, 484 DA 1952 02 07 Four days after his capture by the MGB, J. Drazdauskas (Putinas) betrays his former comrades-in-arms and causes the death of DA (Dainava Command) Kazimieraitis Special Team Gardinas Squad leader P. Damulevicius (aka Danielius or Daugirdas), who had been a partisan since 1944. Another partisan, V. Treigys (Karvelis – “Pigeon”) was injured, captured and recruited by the MGB. Making use of information they extracted from J. Drazdauskas, V. Treigys and P. Vaitkus (Genys – “Woodpecker”, former leader of Vytautas Squad, who had been captured in May), the MGB managed to hunt down and kill the last remaining Kazimieraitis Team partisans by May 1952. L-213 DA 1952 03 27 Traitor B. Kalytis lures Lieutenant V. Zaliaduonis (Cezaris - “Caesar”) to his death in a secret meeting place in Bojutiškis village, Ignalina district. Lieutenant Zaliaduonis was a member of the LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium, the RL (East Lithuania) and VA (Vytautas Command) command structures, and leader of Tigras (“Tiger”) Special Team. Lieutenant Zaliaduonis did not know that B. Kalytis was a traitor, who had an accomplice in M. Cicenas (Eršketis – “Blackthorn”). Also killed in the struggle were Ignalina district MGB chief Lieutenant Kozodojev (or Rozodojev or Kotodojev – who had come to the meeting instead of B. Kalytis) and local stribai boss Ivanov, who had led the accompanying gang of thugs. AKL-18, 69, L-289, 308, 491, LKA16-67, 99, LPK-720 VA 1952 04 11 Death of partisan messenger Juozas Karaklas, member of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team Eršketis (“Blackthorn”) Company. LKA16-96 VA 1952 04 Death of last remaining VA (Vytautas Command) Liutas (“Lion”) Special Team Aras (“Eagle”) group fighters B. Morkunas (Diemedis – “Wormwood”), B. Mazura (Kunatas) and M. Gabuzis (Viesulas – “Whirlwind”). LKA16-53 VA 1952 05 20 Acting on instructions from J. Zemaitis (Vytautas), A. Bakšys (Germantas) authorises A. Ramanauskas (“Vanagas”) to be interim chairman of the LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union). LKA7-68 VV 1952 06 07 Šakiai district, Barzdai county, Baltrušiai village. An MGB informant makes possible the capture of TA (Tauras Command) leader J. Jankauskas (Demonas) as he was on his way to Kybartai carrying letters to be despatched to the West. The letters, requesting Western support for Lithuanian underground activity, were written by K. Širvys (Sakalas – “Falcon”). The MGB obliged J. Jankauskas to work for them and used him to achieve the destruction of the last remaining partisans. L-178, 480, LKA3-47 TA 1952 06 15 According to MGB documents of the time, the MGB had 27 711 agents working for it in the Lithuanian SSR. LPK-383 OK 1952 06 PA (Revival Command), with only P. Lukšys Special Team left in it, is disbanded. L-278, 488 PA 1952 06 20(24) TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team leader V. Menkevicius (Spyglys – “Spike”) and 5 other partisans are betrayed and killed in a bog (Juodraistis – “Black Bog”) in the forest of Prienai. LKA3-48, LPK-706, (L-180, LK-614) TA 1952 06 25 Three NKVD men killed, one captured, in Lumpenai village. RZ-60 KA 1952 KA (Kestutis Command) still has about 180 active partisans; a printing press at its headquarters is used to publish the newsletters Laisves varpas and Ugnis, as well as a considerable number of appeals to the populace. L-255 KA summer of 1952 J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) plans to renew links with VLIK (Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania) through A. Bakšys (Germantas) and later J. Vilcinskas (Algirdas) LKA5-49 VV summer of 1952 Nemunas Region leader S. Staniškis gets out of touch with LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) leadership and no longer controls the situation of the Region’s organisational units. L-158 PL 1952 07 24 Death of 4 partisans in an ambush in Agurkiške forest, Lukšiai county, Šakiai district. TA (Tauras Command) Zalgiris (Grünwald) Special Team leader paratrooper K. Širvys (Sakalas – “Hawk”) is injured and captured, soon dies. His comrades-in-arms of Šturmas (“Attack”) Squad, K. Zaranka (Bite – “Bee”) and J. Višakis (Narsutis – “Intrepid”) and S. Stankeviciute “Regina” escape at first, but are soon caught and killed. L-179,480, LKA3-47 TA 1952 08 07 Another wave of mass deportations of Lithuanian citizens. Once again, the main targets are the families of partisans and their supporters, along with some "bourgeois*" families. [*The word used here is buozes The Soviet authorities used this word as a term of contempt when referring to the families of successful farmers who were well-to-do because of their hard work and thrift.] LGT-424 OK 1952 08 14 B. Kalytis (MGB agent “Ramojus”) and 5 MGB thugs meet in Šimonys grove in Kupiškis district with LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) member J. Kimštas (Zalgiris – “Grünwald”) and 19 partisans, none of whom knew that B. Kalytis was a traitor. J. Kimštas appointed B. Kalytis to the position of RL (East Lithuania) Region command post OIC. The thugs did not dare to take on the partisans on this occasion. After the meeting B. Kalytis invited J. Kimštas to visit VA (Vytautas Command) on 16 August, when he had him arrested. L-289, 489, LK-625, LKA16-200, LPK-720 RL, VV 1952 08 30 Miciunas village, Vievis district. Arrest of all partisans of DKA (Great Battle Command) Audra (“Storm”) group. Their leader, A. Lapinskas (Audra – “Storm”), who was a member of the 1st J. Misiunas (Zalias Velnias – “Green Devil”) command post, is recruited by the MGB and becomes a member of a group of MGB assassins who set about destroying the last remaining DKA group still active: the Erelis (“Eagle”) group of A. Gudonis, which was operating in the vicinity of Daubariškes village in the Širvintai district. VDr DKA 1952 08 30 Unaware of the true situation, Nemunas Region leader S. Staniškis (Viltis – “Hope”) confirms as DA (Dainava Command) leader J. Karpavicius (Medelis – “Sapling”), alias MGB agent “Juozas” (“Joseph”), who claimed to have been elected at a recent meeting of the leaders of Kazimieraitis and Šarunas Special Teams. Interim DA leader V. Daunoras (Ungurys – “Eel”) was released from his duties. DA ceased to function, although individual partisans who had been part of it continued to operate in Dzukija (southeastern Lithuania) until the summer of 1954. According to MVD reports, J. Karpavicius supplied information for, and directly participated in, operations which had resulted in the death or capture of 28 partisans by 15 May 1953. KDK, L-214, 484, LPK-449 DA 1952 09 Former LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) member J. Kimštas (Zalgiris – “Grünwald”), who had been captured on 16 August on a visit to VA (Vytautas Command) at the invitation of B. Kalytis (MGB agent “Ramojus”), now having undergone some MGB "training", agreed to become an MGB collaborator. He was given the code name “Jurginas”. He pretended to be still a member of the LLKS presidium and betrayed about 20 partisans. He “appointed” MGB agent B. Kalytis leader of RL (East Lithuania) region. The MGB later used J. Kimšta as an agent of influence. L-290, 291, LKA16-101 RL, VV 1952 09 21 Troškunai district. Traitor J. Kimštas (former partisan code name Zalgiris – “Grünwald”, now MGB agent Jurginas ) betrays and causes the death of former comrades-in-arms B. Krivickas (aka “Vilnius”) and M. Blinkevicius (Nemunas). B. Krivickas was RL (East Lithuania) region community relations section director, a poet, and editor of Laisves kova (“Freedom Struggle”) newspaper. M. Blinkevicius was VCA (Vytis Command) Aušra (“Dawn”) Squad community relations section director. L-290, LPK-684, RL, VCA, VV 1952 10 01(02) Dotnuva district, Padotnuvis village, farmstead of Krutkys family. Death of leader of PA (Revival Command) and P. Lukšys Special Team, J. Paliunas (Rytas – “Morning”), betrayed by an MGB agent with the ironical Russian code name Ciestnyj – which means honourable. (His real identity was Doctor of Medicine Darius Remeika, who had been a partisan under the code name Zibute (“Violet”) and former director of community relations of PA. L-(276-278), 489, LK-612, (MK-(57-66) PA 1952 10 03 (1952 11 03) Death of 2 partisans and arrest of TA (Tauras Command) Darius & Girenas Squad leader Peciulaitis (Lakštingala – “Nightingale”) due to treachery of J. Jankauskas (Demonas). LKA3-47, (L-179) TA autumn of 1952 All organised resistance in the area formerly patrolled by VA (Vytautas Command) Liutas (“Lion”), Tigras (“Tiger”) and Lokys (“Bear”) Special Teams effectively eliminated. MGB starts to use its agents B. Kalytis and J. Kimštas in its campaign to exterminate the last remaining partisans of VCA (Vytis Command) and DKA (Great Battle Command). LKA16-101 OK, VA 1952 10 17 Captured and coerced into serving the MGB, the leader of Tumas-Vaizgantas Special Team of VA (Vytautas Command), V. Cepukonis (Tigras – “Tiger”) becomes MGB agent-assassin Kietis (“Hard Man”). He continues to take part in partisan activities while also participating in MGB operations. L-309, 491, LKA16-102 VA 1952 11 A. Bakšys (Germantas), leader of VL (West Lithuania) region and LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium deputy vice-president, realising that without support from abroad armed resistance in Lithuania would soon be crushed, decides to establish Vyciu sajunga*, a patriotic political community and cultural organisation to be made up of legally registered citizens who nurture the aim of restoring an independent Lithuania. L-485, LK-372, LKA7-84 VV [*Vytis is the name of the Lithuanian national coat-of-arms, which depicts an armoured knight on a galloping horse; for brevity’s sake it is usually translated simply as “knight”. Vyciai is the plural of Vytis, so Vyciu sajunga can be translated as “Union of Knights”.] 1952 12 12 MGB thugs destroy last remaining group of DA (Dainava Command) Dzukai Special Team partisans, killing Kestutis Squad leader A. Stanaitis (Aidas – “Echo”) and 3 other partisans. KDK, L-213, 484 DA 1952 12 14 Rokiškis district, village of Kuosai. Death of Jonas Mackus (aka Vejas – “Wind” or Don Kichotas – “Don Quixote”), last leader of VA (Vytautas Command) Tumas-Vaizgantas Special Team Azuolas (“Oak”) Company. LKA16-104 VA winter of 1952-1953 Death of J. Cesnulevicius (Sakalas – “Hawk”), last leader of Pilenai (also known as Kunigaikštis Margiris) Squad of Dzukai Special Team of DA (Dainava Command). Also killed are A. Bogušis (Zilvitis) and V. Smalakas (Azuolas – “Oak”). The Squad (tevunija) ceased to function. LKA5-30 DA 1953 01 According to MGB reports there were only 2 partisans left in the Tigras (“Tiger”) Special Team of VA (Vytautas Command): V. Vaitiekaitis (Barzdenis – “Beardie”) and Z. Puronas (Tarzanas – “Tarzan”). LKA16-67 VA 1953 01 17 K. Farmstead of Rukas family, 6 km from Kelme, district of Raseiniai. Destruction of Jura (Maritime) Region and Vyciu sajunga (Union of Knights) command posts. Liaison officer A. Jankauskas is captured. Three others shoot themselves: A. Bakšys (Germantas), who was leader of VL (West Lithuania) region, LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium deputy vice-president and founder of Vyciu sajunga (“Union of Knights”); command post OIC A. Jurkunas (Valeras) and command post staff member E. Gendrolyte (Balande – “Dove”). L-232, 485, LKA7-87, LPK-662 VL, VV 1953 01 26 Šilagalis village, Panevezys district. End of activity of VCA (Vytis Command) command post. A clash with MGB operatives resulted in the death of RL (East Lithuania) command post member, VCA leader B. Karbocius (Algimantas) and his adjutant V. Mazeika (Vanagas – “Hawk”); also killed were MGB Senior Lieutenant Smirnov and Warrant Officer Akimov. The next day the MGB found the command post bunker and seized VCA documents. L-320, KV-69, MK2-144 VCA early 1953 VCA (Vytis Command) Pilenai Squad, led by S. Giedrikas (Girietis), still had 4 active partisan units, encompassing 13 fighters. LKA10-29 VCA 1953 02 03 Death of Nemunas Region leader, LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) first vice-president, Captain S. Staniškis (aka Antanaitis, Litas, Viltis – “Hope”). His hiding place in the forest of Prienai was revealed by a captured command post employee. Surrounded by enemy troops, S. Staniškis refused to surrender. He destroyed documents and communications equipment, then shot himself. KDK, L-158, 478, 484, LK-604 PL, VV 1953 02 09 Group of MGB operatives from Lithuanian SSR visits Irkutsk and Krasnojarsk regions (Siberia) to select agents (who had been interspersed with deportees) to be sent back to Lithuania to infiltrate the partisan movement. LPK-393 OK 1953 02 11 (1952 02 11) Ramygala district, Dovydai village. Death of LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) community relations director, Partisan Major J. Šibaila (aka Diedukas “Grandpa” or Merainis). He was also editor of the partisan newspaper Prie rymancio Rupintojelio* (“By the Contemplating Christ”). L-335, LPK-709, VDr, (LK-606) VV [The newspaper’s name Prie rymancio Rupintojelio is a reference to the roadside crosses or other religious artefacts that were common in pre-war Lithuania. Rupintojelis literally means “worrier, thinker, contemplater” but it has become commonly used to mean simply “crucifix” or “figure of Christ”. Rymoti means to lean, particularly to lean one’s head on one’s hand(s), as in Rodin’s famous sculpture Le Penseur (“The Thinker”) Hence, rymantis rupintojelis means “the contemplating Christ”.] 1953 02 Arrest of last fighter of DKA (Great Battle Command) Special Team A, D. Mataciunas (Jazminas – “Jasmine”), who was also a member of the staff of J. Misiunas’ (Zalias Velnias – “Green Devil”)’s Command Post Nr. 1. D. Mataciunas originated from the village of Paukšciai in the county of Zasliai. VDr DKA 1953 02 24 Battle near town of Šilale. Two injured partisans captured, MVD sergeant killed. RZ-60 1953 03 13 Daunoriai settlement, Utena district. Vaclovas Mikolaiciukas (Sakalas – “Falcon”), the last leader of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team Kadagys (“Juniper”) Company is wounded and captured. BUL, LKA16-96 VA 1953 03 14 Kelme district, Aukštiškiai village, farmstead of A. Bekeris. Surrounded by enemy troops and running out of ammunition, PA (Revival Command) staff member, artist Laurynas Mingaila (or possibly Mingilas, aka Arunas, Gintaras or Dziugas) turns his weapon on himself. MK1-43 , SV-268, (GM-243, L-279) PA spring of 1953 KA (Kestutis Command) is led by chief-of-staff P. Morkunas (Rimantas) and command post OIC J. Vilcinskas (Algirdas). When J. Vilcinskas is killed S. Zinkevicius takes over as command post OIC. At this stage KA had 23 active partisans left. L-255, LKA13-15 KA 1953 04 Last leader of TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team, A. Šermukšnis (Zilvinas) is captured. He becomes MGB agent Vacys and helps the MGB to kill off the last remaining partisans of his former Team. L-180 TA 1953 04 MGB infiltration of partisan movement has succeeded to the extent that MGB agents are "operating" RL (East Lithuania) Region; also Vytautas Command, Tauras Command, Vytis Command, Dainava Command; and Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”), Tumas-Vaizgantas and Tigras (“Tiger”) Special Teams. They also controlled the 3rd secretariat of LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union), which was headed by J. Kimštas, alias agent Jurginas. Al-306 OK 1953 04 17(18) Rodai pine forest, Ramygala district. MGB thugs kill VCA (Vytis Command) Gediminas Special Team leader E. Dauciunas (Rimantas) and 3 of his partisans. In the fighting the leader of the thugs, former DKA (Great Battle Command) partisan G. Štarlis (Plienas – “Steel”), was also killed. The Team was never re-assembled, but individual partisans continued to fight. L-492, LKA10-33, (LKA16-105) VCA 1953 05 Recovered from his illness, J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) resumes his duties as LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) presidium chairman. However he was unable to re-establish communications with RL-Kalnai (East Lithuania-Highlands) Region and PL-Nemunas (South Lithuania-Nemunas) Region. LKA7-68 1953 05 24 MGB agent Vaidila - former partisan Narbutas (Rolandas) – and a group of MGB thugs detain KA (Kestutis Command) Vaidotas Special Team Mindaugas Squad leader J. Palubeckas (Simas) and “question” him about his bunker, where they believe he is hiding J. Zemaitis (Vytautas), the presidium chairman of LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union). After a week of torture J. Palubeckas agrees to show the MGB where the bunker is, having received a promise from Lithuanian SSR Interior Minister J. Vildziunas that any people found in the bunker would not be killed. After 19 months imprisonment J. Palubeckas is shot in the Moscow Butyrki jail on 2 December 1954. AL-308, LPK-704 VV 1953 05 30(29) Šimkaiciai forest, Jurbarkas district. Partisan General J. Zemaitis (Vytautas), presidium chairman of LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union), is captured with the use of anaesthetic gas. (After 18 months imprisonment he is shot in the Moscow Butyrki jail on 26 November 1954.) Arrested on the same occasion are M. Ziliute and E. Palubeckyte. Al-308, L-143, 486, LKA13-178, LPK-651, 720, (LK-623, RZ-51) VV 1953 06 17(19) Ukmerge district, Mediniai village. Arrest of V. Darguzis (Zvirblis – “Sparrow”), last leader of Varpas Squad of Gediminas Special Team of VCA (Vytis Command). He was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in a work camp in Siberia. AL-308, LKA10-33, (MK-81, 84) VCA 1953 06 19 Rygaiciai village, Tytuvenai district. MGB set an ambush and kill P. Morkunas (Rimantas), the last leader of KA (Kestutis Command), together with command post OIC S. Zinkevicius (Algimantas). KA was never re-established. Al-309, L-255, 486, LKA13-15, LPK-692 KA 1953 06 29 MGB thugs led by agent Ramojus (B. Kalytis) capture VCA (Vytis Command) Zalioji (“Green”) Special Team community relations director J. Navikas (Tilvikas – “Jacksnipe”) and command post staff member A. Verbickas (Angis – “Snake”). This was the beginning of the systematic destruction of the Team. LKA16-106 VCA 1953 08 05 Death of KA (Kestutis Command) Vaidotas Special Team leader E. Pranskevicius (Vasaris – “February”) and B. Kregzde (Bijunas – “Peony”). AL-309 KA 1953 08 23 Lake Lukstas, not far from Varniai. Death of ZA (Samogitian Command) leader V. Montvydas (Zemaitis – “Samogitian”), his adjutant B. Aluza (Bedalis) and Irena Petkute (“Rima”). The latter was involved in the production of the partisan newspaper Laisves varpas (“Bell of Freedom”). L-270, 488 ZA 1953 09 18 Death of KA (Kestutis Command) command post OIC and leader of Vaidotas Special Team, J. Vilcinskas (Algirdas). LPK-716 KA 1953 10 02 Final wave of mass deportations (to Siberia) of Lithuanian citizens. L-412 OK 1953 10 According to MGB information of the time, there were still about 136 partisan fighters active in at least 54 of the 87 administrative regions of the Lithuanian SSR. LKA16-107 VV 1953 11 02(03) Death of VCA (Vytis Command) Zalioji (“Green”) Special Team leader Juozas Šomka (Cercilis – “Churchill”) and J. Vincevicius (aka Zaltys – “Grass Snake” or Narsutis – “Intrepid”) at the hands of MGB thugs. This was the final episode in the destruction of this Team – the only one in RL (East Lithuania) Region that had never been infiltrated by enemy agents. L-292, LKA16-107, KAP-903 VCA 1953-1954 Six partisans of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team, led by J. Streikus (Stumbras – “Bison”) were the last members of the Team to evade the traps of MGB agents and to avoid capture. They operated from bases in the Steponiai and Gruba forests of the Rokiškis district. LKA16-97 VA 1954 01 01 MGB documents of the time state that there were still 142 partisans operating in Lithuania. LPK-632 VV 1954 02 22 Arrest of MGB collaborator J. Jankauskas (Demonas), the last leader of TA (Tauras Command), deemed to be of no further use to the MGB; sentenced to death on 27 July 1954, shot on 26 January 1955. L-180, 480, LKA3-48, 49 TA 1954 03 10 Širvintai district, Daugeliškes village. Last remaining DKA (Great Battle Command) partisans surrender to MGB. They are: J. Kiburys (Dobilas – “Clover”) a partisan since 1944; and B. Purlys (Bosas), a partisan since 1945. VDr DKA 1954 09 18, (1954 08 18), (1954 07) Prienai district, Naudziunai village. Last 2 partisans of DA (Dainava Command) killed in action. One of them was Dzukai Special Team leader, and sometime DA leader, V. Daunoras (Ungurys – “Eel”). KDK, L-484, LPK-713, (L-202), (LPK-606) DA 1954 09 25 Birzai Grove. Death of S. Giedrikas (Girietis – “Grove Dweller”), last leader of Pilenai* Squad of VCA (Vytis Command). L-292, LKA10-33 VCA 1955 01 01 Contemporary MGB documents state 51 partisans still active in Lithuania. LPK-643 VV 1955 06(07), (1956 07) Kelme district. Death of 3 brothers, partisans of KA (Kestutis Command) Birute Special Team: Ignas, Eugenijus and Vytautas Kybartas; shot by KGB agent, former KA leader J. Labanauskas. L-256, 486, LKA13-16, (LPK-682), (LKA18-290, 292) KA 1955 07 21 Prienai district, Prienlaukis village. KGB agents Vacys (A. Šermukšnis) and Petryla kill the last partisans of TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team, Uleckas (Vakaras – “Evening”) and B. Petkevicius (Pipiras – “Pepper”). L-180, LKA3-48, VT-483 TA 1955-1956 According to KGB records there were 6 smallish groups of partisans still operating in the districts of Ariogala, Moletai, Šilute, Šilale and Rokiškis; about 25 fighters, include last partisan leader A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”). LKA9-192 VV 1956 07 15 Rokiškis district, Pandelys county. Death of last VCA (Vytis Command) Pilenai* Squad partisans: M. Suveizdis (Budrys – “Alert”) and E. Zilinskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”). L-292, 321, 492, LKA10-33 VCA 1956 10 12 In accordance with a plan devised by Cheka member N. Dušanskis, LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) GP (Armed Forces) leader Adolfas Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”) is arrested in Kaunas. He was betrayed by MGB agent Zinomas (Urbonas). A. Ramanauskas was shot in Vilnius on 29 (or possibly 27) November 1957. LKA9-187, LPK-714, RD-445, (LK-621) VV 1957 03 12 MGB sources show 15 partisans still active in Lithuania. LPK-643 VV 1957 PA (Revival Command) Juozapavicius Squad partisan Kostas Liuberskis (Zvainys) publishes last issue of Partizanu šuvio aidas (“Echo of Partisans’ Gunfire”). K. Liuberskis then vanished without trace. L-67, LPK-90 PA autumn of 1957 Šakiai district, near Gelgaudiškis and Norkunai villages. Surrounded by enemy soldiers, last TA (Tauras Command) Zalgiris (“Grünwald”) Special Team partisan, J. Balcius (Plutonas – “Pluto”), commits suicide. L-179, 480, LKA3-48 TA 1958 07 18 Last VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team partisans Vladas Krasauskas and brothers Juozas and Izidorius Streikus surrender, having obtained written guarantee from Lithuanian SSR Internal Affairs Minister General Liaudys that they would not be brought to trial. They had been hiding in the Plunksnuociai forest of Rokiškis district. Notwithstanding the high level written guarantees they had received, they were arrested in September 1961 and brought to trial in June 1962. J. Streikus received the death sentence; his brother Izidorius and Vladas Krasauskas each received a 15 year prison sentence. DL-89, L-292, 309, LKA19-97, SV-127 VA 1959 05 04 Šilute district, Kvedarna county, Buišiai village. Death of KA (Kestutis Command) partisans P. Ozelis (Jaunutis) and F. Urbonas (Algirdas) in a clash with KGB thugs. AL-310, RZ-53 KA 1961 11 Vejai village, Kelme district. Betrayed by his former leader (K. Labanauskas of Kestutis Command) and wounded in a clash with KGB thugs, the last partisan of Birute Special Team, E. Kmita, shoots himself. LKA18-293 KA Partizanu karo kronikos pradzia "Vorutos" pagrindinis puslapis "Vartiklio" pagrindinis puslapis "Vartiklio" naujausias numeris Skelbimu ir naujienu lenta start of War Chronicle of the Partisans “Voruta” homepage “Vartiklis” homepage “Vartiklis” – latest issues Table of news and advertisements