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War on Tobacco: At What Cost?

Deepak Lal
Roger Scruton
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               Barun S. Mitra
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: The Economic Welfare Effects of the World Bank - WHO Global Crusade against Tobacco
Deepak Lal
1. Introduction
2. Costs and benefits of tobacco control
3. Public health interest versus welfare measures
4. Welfare effects of tobacco taxation
5. Conclusion
WHO, What and Why? - Transnational Government, legitimacy and the World Health Organisation
Roger Scruton
1. Introduction
2. The WHO and its mission
3. The Mission betrayed?
4. The Accession of Dr Brundtland
5. The Tobacco Free Initiative
6. What should we think about Tobacco?
7. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
8. National Commissions
9. The War on Tobacco
10. Conclusion

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