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The Enterprise of Education: Challenges and Opportunities for India, by James Tooley (2001, 40 pages, Rs 40/- for delivery within India, and US $ 5/- for delivery outside of India. inclusive of postage) Prof. Tooley says, "my work in India has made it even more difficult to find a sound answer to the question: why should government intervene in education? The assumption that only government intervention will help ensure educational equality, seems most untenable given the Indian experience." (Occasional Paper No. 6)

When Politics Kills: Malaria and the DDT Debate, by Richard Tren and Roger Bate. (2001, 90 pages, Rs 75/- for delivery within India, and US $ 10/- for delivery outside of India, inclusive of postage) The authors warn that preoccupations of the rich in western countries often result in inappropriate and unaffordable solutions being imposed on poor countries. The classic example of this phenomenon is the current attempt by western governments to ban globally the pesticide DDT. But although DDT can be environmentally harmful, it is still required for malaria control in some developing countries. Furthermore, since it is only sprayed indoors it is unlikely to cause any environmental problem at all, and will save thousands of lives. (Occasional Paper No. 7)

Occasional Papers


Population - the ultimate resource Edited by Barun S. Mitra. Contributors in this new volume include Julian L. Simon, Peter Bauer, Deepak Lal, and others. The authors challenge the prevailing Malthusian mindset. This is the first of the series of readings on contemporary issues that Liberty Institute hopes to publish in the near future. Read the Introduction.

Classic Series

The Law, by Frederic Bastiat (1998, 80 pages, Rs 50/-) This is a critique of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto by a contemporary. 150 years later, the book is as fresh as ever.

Forthcoming Publications

Occasional Papers

The Minimum Wage: No Way to Help the Poor, by Deepak Lal
Issues in Liberalism, by Sharad Joshi

Classic Series

Bureaucracy, by Ludwig von Mises
Self-Help, by Samuel Smiles


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