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Freedom Workshops:
The purpose is to provide a platform for a wide ranging discussion on various issues, with the aim of establishing the relationship between certain core values and public policy.
1999 - The theme proposed for this year is "Human Rights and Economic Freedom". The aim is to bring together people engaged in promoting social and political rights, and economic freedom. The purpose being to show that political and economic freedoms are two sides of the same coin and one cannot be sustained without the other. The issues that are likely to be discussed are consumer rights, gender and social issues, environment and developmental issues, etc.

1998 - Not held
The theme was the role of freedom in promoting development. Its highlight was the stimulating inaugural lecture by Prof. Julian Simon of University of Maryland, USA, on  "More People, Greater Wealth, More Resources, Cleaner Environment". A whole range of policy issues in areas such as environment, education, health care, gender issues, human rights, among others, were discussed.
The relevance of classical liberal thinkers like Adam Smith, F. A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, in the Indian context. Sharad Joshi, of the Shetkari Sanghatana, the farmers organisation in Maharashtra, inaugurated the workshop highlighting some of the issues in liberalism that need to be considered.
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Book Fair:
The basic aim is to expose readers to a wide range of literature from around the world all united in their defense of a free society. This also provides a very good opportunity to meet and discuss with a wide range of people, and build up a network of like-minded people. So far we have participated in seven fairs in Calcutta, Delhi, and Bombay. However, in 1997, at the Calcutta Book Fair, we lost a large number of our books in a fire that swept through much of the fair ground. Some of the forthcoming major fairs are -

In the next two years we would also like to participate in fairs in some of the other cities around the country, like Pune, Bangalore, Madras, Chandigarh, Bombay.
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 Purpose of the publication programme is to contribute towards a meaningful discussion and debate on various important issues by consistently providing a liberal, free market perspectives.  
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Research  Projects / Working Papers:
The Institute is engaged in research in a few areas of topical interests, and proposes to publish its findings.  
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Julian L. Simon Centre:
The Institute's resource centre and library is quite unique as it specially focuses on liberal literature, and market based analysis of issues. The collection of books and other materials from around the world has been growing, thanks particularly to the support from the network of friends and organisations around the world that have continued to donate relevant literature. Since much of the material here is not generally available in bookshops and even major libraries, the Centre has been attracting the attention of a growing number people - journalists, academics, students, and opinion makers. Books from the collection are being reviewed in major newspapers. The Centre is named after a man who was a very close friend of Liberty, and we promise to keep alive the spirit of inquiry and courage that he instilled in everyone around him.
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The Institute has decided to make its newsletter a more regular publication. The purpose is to provide a vehicle for discussion on topical issues and promotion of values that protect individual rights, political liberties, and economic freedom. It will also carry information on the Institute's activities, and news from its network of organisations. An extension of this involves a feature service for the general media, where op-eds and feature articles on relevant and topical issues are distributed for publication in the English and the language press. The first issue of In Defence of Liberty, has just been released. It focuses on intellectual property rights, has items on the activities of the Institute, and covers topical issues like the budget, among other things. The issue is also available at the web site of the Institute.
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The Fountainhead Essay Contest:
Another significant event in the Institute's calendar in 1998, was the first all-India essay contest for high school students on Ayn Rand's classic novel, The Fountainhead. This year we intend to expand the contest to cover many more institutions. As part of this effort to reach out to the student community, the Institute is working to develop an informal and participatory educational package, integrating ethics, economics and environment, aimed at providing a broader perspective and develop critical faculties.
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Educational Programme:
The Institute is working to develop an informal and participatory way of introducing some of the basic concepts of freedom - ethics, economics and environment - to school children. This involves developing appreciation of freedom of choice, free markets, and the benefits that accrue to the social and natural environments. One the texts that we propose to adopt is The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, by Ken Schoolland.

Other Programmes:
Some of the new projects that are being considered.

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Join us in this intellectual odyssey on the road to liberty.
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