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Motto: "Where the mind is without fear……" (A line from the poet Rabindranath Tagore)


A free and prosperous nation, where political and economic freedoms are viewed as two sides of the same coin. Where people are free to pursue their own interests and enterprises peacefully for their own benefit and in the process enriching the whole society.
To promote awareness and appreciation of the institutional pillars of a free society - individual rights, rule of law, limited government, free markets.
Basic Tenets of Liberty: Freedom of choice: Market is democratic. Like democracy, market is a process that enables a wide range of opportunities, and the focus is not on any specific end that may be considered desirable.

Government: Control breeds corruption

With the scope for government intervention in the economy reduced, the power of patronage gets greatly diminished. Consequently, the cause of corruption and criminalisation of political process, two of the most insidious threat to Indian polity, are tackled at their root. The Institute constantly highlights the ethical and economic costs of regulations that hinder voluntary choices made by private individuals at the marketplace.

Economy: Benefits of competition

Competition induced under an open market ensures that producers keep striving to improve their products, and consumers get better value for their money with a wide range of choices. The Institute strives to identify the direct and indirect benefits of open competition.

Society: Market is environment friendly

The market, with private property rights, is efficient in allocating economic resources, and is as efficient in dealing with environmental resources when these are brought under the discipline of the market forces. Improvement in the environmental quality is a value-added product, and it becomes technologically possible and economically viable only with economic growth. The Institute pays special attention to the advantages accruing to the natural and social environment under the market system in a free society.

Citizens: Social accountability

With the scope of governance greatly narrowed, it becomes intellectually possible and economically viable to invest in understanding the functioning of the socio-political institutions. And an informed citizen is ideally placed to make the best choices, and therefore has the confidence to be involved as an active citizen. Consequently, the economy is driven to better performance, and the government is held accountable. As a result governance becomes transparent, responsive and efficient. The Institute works to inculcate the spirit of independence and inquiry necessary for good citizenship.

Win-win for all

A free market, with free trade and open competition, ensures not only economic progress, but also sustains scientific innovation, and thereby providing a win-win situation for consumers, producers, the environment and the society at large.

Allies of Liberty

Ideas can change the world. The synergy between each of the above participant can help disseminate information, change perception of issues and lead to formulation of policies in consonance with political and economic freedom.

Ideas Move the World

The Institute seeks to improve understanding of the market processes by underscoring the ethical underpinnings of free market economics. It seeks to identify the factors that may have restricted the evolution of the market and ways of overcoming these, and to estimate the costs - social and economic - of the curbs on the market. It proposes market-based alternatives to government regulations in the economy and increasingly in newer areas like social, health and safety, and environment. The aim is to constantly highlight the advantages of disciplining influence of the market forces over government regulation, and affirm that the spirit of inquiry and enterprise flourish only when allowed a free reign. However, the Institute does not lobby on behalf of any organisation for or against any specific legislation.

Together we can make a difference

Liberty Institute is a non-profit, public policy research and educational organization, registered as a trust. It is dependent on the support and cooperation of all freedom-loving people. It does not accept funding from any governmental agency. Contributions to the Institute are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Contributions may be for general operations, project specific grants, or to help build a corpus fund. However, as a policy, the Institute has decided not to accept donations more than 10% of its annual budget from any one corporation. Also, corporate or industry sponsorship towards specific policy research projects, in which they may have an interest, may not be acceptable. These guidelines will enable the Institute to retain its editorial independence, demonstrate its commitment to its ideals, earn credibility in the market place of ideas, and live up to its promise of being an organization "where the mind is without fear".

Annual Budget Estimates

         Item                                                            Amount in Rupees
        Rent per annum                                                          1,00,000
        Personnel                                                                   2,00,000
        General Administration                                               1,00,000
             (Stationary, communication)
        Equipment                                                                  1,00,000
             (computer, accessories, furniture)
        Policy Research projects                                             5,00,000
             (4-6 studies)
        Educational programme                                               2,00,000
             (school level)
        Publications                                                                 1,50,000
             (4-6 titles)
        Newsletter                                                                  1,20,000
             (12 issues)
        Book fairs                                                                   1,00,000
             (3 to 4 fairs)
        Workshop (annual)                                                      2,50,000
             (3-4 days residential)
        Seminars                                                                     1,00,000
             (3 to 4 day long events)
                                                                     Total    Rs     19,20,000

(Present conversion rate US dollar 1 =  Indian rupees 43 (approximately)

The Institute seeks to achieve this level of operations in about two years. Apart from raising funds necessary to sustain this, we will also work to build a corpus fund to secure the future of the Institute.

Join us in this intellectual odyssey on the road to liberty.

Please send your comments and suggestions to
Liberty Institute
Address for correspondence: 96/10 Pushp Vihar Sector I, New Delhi 110 017.

Julian L. Simon Centre: 259, (2nd floor), J-block, Saket, New Delhi 110 017.
Tel: (91)-(11) 6512441 / 6528244, Fax: (91)-(11) 6856992 / 6527868
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