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*Sorry about the pics nudity, but if you truly think your too young to see that, you shouldnt be here anyway.*
hello everyone visiting my page, i am Jamie Crystal,aka Lady@Hell.
i'm female, and i'm an artist. i like music such as Marilyn Manson, ozzy, STP, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative... and others like that.i am from Detroit Michigan. and i'm going to Art school when i get older.Ive made 3 comics so far (none published).
~About Me~: Well...i cant swim. never tried to, dont really care to learn...but i love water.
Im a Gemini, born June 11th. Im movin to Florida in a few years, or maybe Egypt.:) My favorite movies are ConAir, Devils Advicate, the older Nightmare on Elmstreets, and Scream was cool.
My Fav Actor is Steve Buscemi.
you say the name sounds framiliar ? it should be. He was in ConAir, The Wedding Singer, Excape from LA, Fargo, Trees Lounge,Armageddon,Living in Oblivian and many others, the list goes on. hes the weird lookin dude with the weird eyes :)
Some of my nick-names are JCT, Jame, sis, and ady @ He.


~My friends~

  • Mary/Akira/Angel of Darkness
  • Melanie/Enchantress
  • Kris/Lord Tenchi Muyo
  • Tiffany/Pippy0199
  • Pri駆駧 k
  • M宧
  • Wicca/Dazed