Hi WIf Love^-^ ~*~enjOy EnJOy..Ya StaY HeA!!!!~*~
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thAnX foR viSiTinG ouR kinGdoM..pLeAsE sigN thE gUestbOok! duNT siGn thE guEStbOok iF uR jux gonnA diSreSpect uS! wE pUT LoTSA wErk iNtO thiS u knoE! LoOK aRouND AnD hAf fUN! wE'LL tRy tO uPdAtE it AS muCh aS wE cAn! tHAnX! *muahZ*

!*!EvERYbody!!!!HopeFulLy YaLs ENjoY!*!

This bEe TiFfaNi's aNd rOsepEtaL's kIngdOm

Sup sup tO alL yA LAdieS & GenTLemEn OuT tHeA LoOkiN aT TiFFaNi's aND rOsePetaL'S PaGe..But aNywaIse UmMm..KeEp Ya HEaD uP hIgh RepResENt dA MigHty MigHTy ALMIGHTY H-M-double O-B PriDE naTIon wIdE wOrLD wiDe..nO maTteR wAT wE rIDe fOr DA tWo tRipLe OhZ...reIgH reIgH! GeaH StrAigHT BOut iT bOut iT tO bE ChiNks...cHa kNoEs..SaLL GOOd dOe!...hehe...WeLls...CheCK ya LAtErS aND SIgN iN Our gUeStbOoK...bE ProUD OF wUt yOu aRe aIitEs..TaKE caReS...oH, aLso, mUcH thAnx tO tEch_bOi...iF it waSn'T fOR hIm, nOne oF ouR piCz wouLs sHow..aLsO Lo0n|E tOo..aNywAYz, wE kNOE nOT mUcH pEepOEs rEAd this anD dUn waNna bORe yaZ sO tAKe mUCh cAREs... ThaNQ fOr vIsiTiNG uS!

***wErkS bEsS wiF iNterNet eXpLorEr anD wE iSh jUx bEginERs sO dUn mIND iF iT tAKes a LiLo LonG tAH dowNLoAd..wE wiLL gET bEttEr...HOPeFuLLy..hAvE fuN!!***

hEa's Da piX

iRc gUys paGe
iRc girLS paGe
AoL paGe..ya knOe dA aMerIca OnLiNe gUys!
oUR dEdicAtiOnS
oUr pOemS..chEck thEm ouT!
mENnAcEsOda 99 tO miLLinNiUM hMOob nEwyeAR piChaZ!

Email: Me--tiFfaNiThaOj
Email: rOsepEtaL_vAj@hotmail.com

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