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Chapter 2: Put On Path


With the Put on Path command, an Inkscape artist can create text that conforms to a path. There is no way to offset the text to an arbitrary point along the path. Spaces and kerning will work to move the text away from the beginning of the path.

To execute the Put on Path command, create a text object and a path object. Select both objects and choose Text > Put on Path from the menu. If the text object was created by dragging a text frame, into which the text was then typed or placed, the Text > Convert to Text command must first be executed with the text frame object selected. If in doubt, try the Text > Put on Path command, and if nothing appears to happen, select the text object and execute the Text > Convert to Text command and try Text > Put on Path again.

To move the text, select the path object and drag it with the mouse or position it with the keyboard. The text will move with the line or shape it's bound to. Moving the text object will not move the line.



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Date: 09/27/2005
Nickname: User
Subject: Shifting text backwards on a closed path
Message: If the path is closed, shifting text backwards along the path with kerning doesn't work. In this case, you can change the "first" node of the path by breaking the path between two nodes (rejoining the path afterwards doesn't change the first node).
Date: 02/04/2006
Nickname: filmil
Subject: Putting text under the curve
Message: How does one determine whether the text is put 'below' or 'above' the curve? It seems that Inkscape aligns the baseline of the text with the curve. But is there a rule that says which side of the curve (of which there are always two) is used. Should a user not be able to choose the side?
Date: 03/26/2006
Subject: Paths to path
Message: How does one align a group of paths to a path, in a similar way to aligning a sentence of text to a path?

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