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Chapter 1: Text and Font...



The Text > Text and Font... menu command activates the Text & Font properties window. The Text & Font window displays the current settings and options for the Text tool on the Font tab, including font, size, style, justification, line spacing and direction. The Text tab shows the text of the currently selected text object, or is grayed out if none is selected.

The Font Family field of the Font tab of Text and Font Window shows a list of the currently available font families for the system running Inkscape. Each font family represents one or more fonts. There are typically more than one font for each font family, one for each style, like bold, itallic, oblique, etc.

The Font Size field can accept keyboard input, or a predefined size can be chosen from the dropdown list. The direct input can be any number between 1.01 and 9,999.00.


Options & Preferences

Additional Information

There is no theoretical limit to the size that can be input into the Font Size box, however, 1000 points works out to be a little less than 14 inches and large numbers slow the program down. Small sizes challenge the maximum zoom level. For optimal performace, work with art on a page size approximately that of A4 or US Letter in a size, and scale the art for output.

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Message: Hi, please consider adding guide on font sizes. and changing the default font size. Or is this a bug? 'Cos nothing seems to happen when I choose a different font size. Even if I click "set as default".
Date: 11/30/2005
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Subject: Question
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Date: 03/17/2006
Nickname: User
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Message: When I select certain fonts for use they are not applied and the displayed font changes to the default. How do I use the font I require?

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