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Part XI
Chapter 11: Text Tool



The Text Tool enables the Inkscape artist to add lettering to their illustration. The text tool can be used for enhancing images with text and labeling, and can also be used to set block text.

To begin typing text, click on the canvas with the Text tool. The cursor will anchor to that spot and begin blinking the text cursor icon. Begin typing. The Text tool is one tool for which most key bindings are disabled, and for which there are no key modifiers. Ctrl + c copies selected text. Ctrl + v pastes text. Ctrl + x cuts text. Ctrl + z undoes the last edit.

Text frames can be created by clicking and dragging an text frame area with the Text tool. This creates a containter into which text can be pasted or typed directly. The frame can be resized to change the dimensions of the area into which text flows, changing where the text wraps, and multiple frames can be linked so overflow text flows from one block to the next.

Resizing a frame is as simple as dragging the handle in the bottom right corner to change its width or height. Drag with Ctrl to restrict resizing to horizontal or vertical. Such resizing can be done by Text tool, Node tool, or any shape tool; however, only Text tool also highlights the frame border when a flowed text is selected.

Text in the currently selected text object can be selected by clicking and dragging the cursor with the text tool. The text cursor appears when the text tool is positioned over the selected text object.

Tool Control bar

The tool control bar for the Node tool has the following commands and options:

Tool Preferences

The tool behavior can be modified in the Inkscape Preferences window:



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