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Part X
Chapter 1: Commands Bar

Commands Bar With Number Lables


The Commands Bar provides quick access to some of Inkscape's most regularly used commands:

  1. New – Opens a new document with the default template. See File > New.
  2. Open – Opens an existing document. See File > Open.
  3. Save – Performs a quick save of the document. If the document has not previously been saved, it will prompt the user for save information. See File > Save.
  4. Print – Opens the print dialog box. See File > Print.
  5. Import – Opens the import dialog box. See File > Import.
  6. Export – Opens the export bitmap dialog box. See File > Export Bitmap.
  7. Undo – Undoes the last action. See Edit > Undo.
  8. Redo – Redoes the last undone action. See Edit > Redo.
  9. Copy – Copies the current selection to the clipboard. See Edit > Copy.
  10. Cut – Cuts the current selection and stores it in the clipboard. See Edit > Cut.
  11. Paste – Pastes the contents of the clipboard to the canvas. See Edit > Paste.
  12. Zoom Selection – Zooms the view to show the current selection. See View > Zoom Selection.
  13. Zoom Drawing – Zooms the view to show all of the objects on the canvas. See View > Zoom Drawing.
  14. Zoom Page – Zooms the view to fit the page on the screen. See View > Zoom Page.
  15. Duplicate – Creates a copy of the selected object. See Edit > Duplicate.
  16. Clone – Creates a linked clone of the selected object. See Edit > Clone.
  17. Break Link – Unlinks a clone from its parent object, allowing it to be edited independently. See Edit > Break Link.
  18. Group – Groups two or more selected objects. See Edit > Group.
  19. Ungroup – Separates the selected group into independent objects. See Edit > Ungroup.
  20. Stroke – Opens the Fill and Stroke window. See Object > Fill and Stroke.
  21. Text – Opens the Font and Text window. See Text > Font and Text.
  22. XML Edit – Opens the XML Edit window. See Edit > XML Editor.
  23. Alignment – Opens the Alignment window. See Object > Align and Distribute.
  24. Inkscape Preferences – Opens the Inkscape Preferences window. See File > Inkscape Preferences.
  25. Document Preferences – Opens the Document Preferences window. See File > Document Preferences.



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This manual is my scratch pad and development site for the Inkscape documentation project. Documentation that appears here may eventually work its way into the official Inkscape documentation, and changes to the Inkscape documentation may work it's way into this draft. It is a work in progress, so please don't mind the mess. Anything that appears here is GPL'ed under the usual licenses for GPL documentation, yada, yada, yada, or has been dedicated to the public domain. For a list of those elements that have been placed in the public domain, please click here.

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