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Kent County Branch of the O.G.S.

This is a list of Genealogical newsgroups [and some Adoption, Heraldry, & all newsgroups and to find newsgroups on specific topics.

Also, how to find many of the Hierarchies and the meanings of some of them.


Some recently discovered or recently started Genealogy Newsgroups

'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.britain
'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.ireland
'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.surnames.britain
'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.surnames.canada
'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.surnames.german
'new' newsgroup:
'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland
'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.surnames.misc
'new' newsgroup: soc.genealogy.surnames.usa

afn.genealogy A.C. Freenet local newsgroup
alt.culture.cajun Cajun culture, history, genealogy, events
alt.genealogy General genealogical discussion
alt.scottish.clans Scottish Clans discussion
fido.eur.genealogy FidoNet European Genealogy discussion
fido.ger.genealogy FidoNet German Genealogy discussion
fr.rec.genealogie Informations se rapportant a la genealogie
no.slekt mostly in Norwegian
no.slekt.programmer mostly in Norwegian
othernet.fidonet.aus.genealogy FidoNet Australian Genealogy
othernet.fidonet.i&uk.genealogy FidoNet Ireland & U.K. Genealogy FidoNet New Zealand Genealogy
pnet.rec.genealogy.announce Local Genealogy Announcements Genealogy Discussion Forum
soc.genealogy.african African American Genealogy; Genealogy of Africa & the African Diaspora. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.australia+nz Australia, New Zealand, and their territories
soc.genealogy.benelux Genealogy in Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg
soc.genealogy.computing Genealogical computing & net resources
soc.genealogy.french Francophone Genealogy discussion
soc.genealogy.german German Genealogy discussion; Family history including a German background
soc.genealogy.hispanic Hispanic Genealogy discussion; Genealogy relating to Hispanics
soc.genealogy,italian Italian genealogy
soc.genealogy.jewish Jewish genealogy group. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.marketplace Genealogy services and products
soc.genealogy.medieval Medieval Genealogy discussion; Genealogy in the period from roughly AD500-AD1600
soc.genealogy.methods Genealogical methods and (non-net) resources. (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.misc General genealogical discussions
soc.genealogy.nordic Nordic Genealogy (services & products) in the Scandinavian countries
soc.genealogy.slavic Genealogy of Slavic peoples
soc.genealogy.surnames surname searches, queries and tafels (Moderated)
soc.genealogy.surnames.usa Genealogy in the UK & Ireland; Genealogy of Britain, Ireland & offshore isles
soc.genealogy.west-indies West Indies genealogy
soc.roots Genealogical matters
swnet.sci.genealogi Svensk slektforskning

Deja News - News Reader! -- Genealogy 1 to 7 days of any of these newsgroups that are available there.

ADOPTION (not intended to be an exhaustive list)
alt.adoption For adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents

Deja News - News Reader! -- Adoption 1 to 7 days of any of these newsgroups that are available there.

HERALDRY (not intended to be an exhaustive list) Heraldry & Coats of Arms discussion

Deja News - News Reader! -- Heraldry 1 to 7 days of any of these newsgroups that are available there.

HISTORY (not intended to be an exhaustive list)
soc.history General history discussions
soc.history.medieval Discussions of Medieval History
soc.history.moderated Discussions of Civil War History

Deja News - News Reader! -- History 1 to 7 days of any of these newsgroups that are available there.

Some people ask how to get a list of "all" newsgroups. Of ALL newsgroups? All 15,000 to 25,000 of them?
Some people ask how to search for newsgroups on certain topics. [Besides reading a list of "all" newsgroups.]
Some possibilities that might find MANY (even if NOT all):

1. Click on news:*.* or typing news:*.* into "Location" or "Go to" window might give you a list of newsgroups available from that news server

2. Someone said: "I'm on NETSCAPE, and all I have to do is go to the options menu and click on SHOW ALL NEWGROUPS and it will literally show every single newsgroup currently in existence. good luck! :-)". [Actually, I suspect it would show only the newsgroups available through that news server.]

Another described it as: To get a list of all the newsgroups that your news server carries, click on "Options/Show New Newsgroups", then, after the list has been transferred to your computer, "Options/Show All Newsgroups".]

3. If using Netscape 1.22 select Newsgroups, then select View all newsgroups. That should give you a list of newsgroups available from that news server

4. Some say they get an incomplete newsgroup listing. If such is the case you might try reading this. I have not tried it, but some seem to say it works.

5. Try Jon Bell's articles, especially "Where to find lists of newsgroups". This one MIGHT come closest to a list of ALL newsgroups.

6. You could use DejaNews. They have a news browser to find names of newsgroups. Also you can use their search routine to find newsgroups in which words/terms (you select) appear. Then you can notice in which newsgroups their authors posted them. Seems that now you can even post, via DejaNews, to newsgroups not carried by your news server!

7. You might try List of all newsgroups available at

8. You might try University of New Brunswick Computing Services for an extensive listing. It is a large file. You might want to save it to your hard drive and then list/search it.

9 Not sure about but you might try this one, which seems perhaps to have a list of all active newsgroups.

How to SEARCH FOR NEWSGROUPS ABOUT ... Searching for Newsgroups by topic
When searching, search for the general term (such as birds or baseball) and also for specific terms (such as gulls or "toronto blue jays"), etc.

 1. To find newsgroups that discuss topics of interest to you, you might try:
Query Profile profiling your query allows you to find Usenet newsgroups in which you are interested.
 2. Anchorman
 3. Sympatico: Search & page down to select 'Sympatico Newsgroup Search'
 4. Usenet Info Center Launch Pad! and Browse the Usenet Groups
 5. Tile Net News Did like this, but it seems to have changed.
 6. Usenet News
 7. "This service has been retired." It was UIUC list
 8. UTexas list
 9. (NEWSGROUPS) The Big List
10. Another approach
11. Liszt of Newsgroups

A Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies shows the 'origins' or meanings of the first letters of a newsgroup (such as "news.", "misc.", "alt.", "soc.", etc.).

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