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Kent Branch O.G.S. Membership Application - 2 June 1997
Kent County Branch
of the Ontario Genealogical Society
1997 Membership information

Effective Seminar '97 (26 April 1997) anyone joining a Branch of the O.G.S. must also join the Provincial O.G.S. Therefore all membership applications should be submitted to the Provincial O.G.S. Office.

Please use this link for OGS Membership Information - 1997
There [as of today] it still states: "Those wishing to join as Associate Members, please use Associate Membership applications available only through your Branch, and submit it directly to the Branch." However, it is our understanding that effective 26 April 1997 the only ones who may hold Associate Member status are those who were holding it as of the prior day.

If you are joining the Provincial O.G.S. and Kent Branch we would invite you also to send to Kent Branch by E-mail [to Kent Branch], the following information:

Postal or Zip Code:
Telephone #:
Your E-mail address:
May we include it on our web page(s)?

This would provide us with more information than we will receive from the Provincial O.G.S.

-- E. & O.E. --