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Kent County Branch of the O.G.S.

These are links to some information about the Usenet / newsgroups. — E.&O.E.
People ask what is "newsgroups" or how do they work.

Have you tried reading DejaNews explanations? Especially: FAQs & help
Also, have you read Jon Bell's frequently posted [TIP]s?

Jon Bell's articles about Usenet / newsgroups
Usenet News ... How to join and participate in Usenet
Newsgroup Information for Beginners
[TIP]s from news.newusers.questions
How to cancel an article that you've posted
Get your question answered without even asking it
How to go to soc.penpals or any other newsgroup [& how to subscribe]
How to help us help you
Where to find lists of newsgroups
Where to find out how to create a newsgroup
Where to find penpals
Where to post test messages
Where to post your very first message
Why newsgroups are not e-mail
Why messages disappear immediately after you post [or after you have read] them

Another method:
"HOW TO FIND &/or SUBSCRIBE TO OTHER NEWSGROUPS" - In AltaVista [usenet]  OR  DejaNews search for: "HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO OTHER NEWSGROUPS" and then look at those by/from: (Jon Bell)

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