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JULI 101

Ummmmmmm... .let's see....

Firstly, if you are here you probably know that I am a chatroom junkie. I spend hours and hours chatting with my group of on line friends. They live all over the world and I can't get enough of talking to them all! :)

I live in Michigan and I'm a hockey fan... GO WINGS!!!!!! Steve Yzerman, if you are out there...I think you look great toothless!

I grew up with four brothers and no mother can vouch for childhood was hell! *LOL* Just kidding!

I'm an animal lover. I have a big old hound dog named Elmer and an overweight cat named Baxter. Someday I hope to add a page here called "what my dog has eaten today". Send me your pet horror stories and I'll send you mine! Let's just are the least of my could be worse!

Odd Things
I love the strange and unexplainable like aliens, ghosts, and paranormal thingees. I was probably the only girlscout around the camp fire that didn't get scared after ghost stories....I was excited by the possibilities.

I like to work on my homepage. It's a great hobby. I also enjoy helping people make pages, so if your in need of help let me know!

I love to write poetry...which may be a surprise to some people (you know who you are). I hope to bring some of my poems to this page soon...still kind of nervous about it though.

I love to travel, but I don't get to do it very often. I have family in Arizona and Florida, so those are two frequent destinations. But there are so many other places I'd like to go!

My friends here in Michigan are really important to me too. I don't want to mention any specific names but.... Spartan-fan, Pharm-girl, Bud-man, Roofer-dude, Boom-head, Paint-eye, Biker-chick, King...I love you guys! ;o) (insert mushy music here)

Well, I'm sure I've bored ya enough! If you just have to learn more about me...hehe...stop in for a chat sometime. Oh! And thanks for stopping by!