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The Globe
Pick your own silly face to use!
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A Nameless Chat Site
Just try it already! **L**

Geocities Chat
A fun place to chat!

Maui Net Rooms
Only four rooms here....but ya never know who you'll run into.

Not all of the rooms here are free, but check it out!

Net Central
I'm JuJuBee-from-Detroit here! 18 rooms!

Head directly for the pub! :-)

Talk City
No long updates here...hope ya can keep up! Try Juli's Place once you're there.

Chat House
Kind of a new link for me...haven't really checked it out yet.

Chat Web
Rooms for all ages and topics.

Hawaii Chat Universe
New Link

Rooms here are rated like movies.

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I am always looking for new chatrooms...unfortunately, as a webtv user, there are many I cannot use...if ya have one, please write me!!!