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Joe's Picture Album


My NCCC Club--The Corvette Club of Michigan

I am retired and live in Livonia, Michigan. This is my 1970 Corvette. It is my first Corvette and I purchased in February of 1972. Since owning it, I have autocrossed it, put it in car shows, ran rallyes, and have done other fun things with it. My Son also owns a Vette. It is a '69 coupe and was purchased in 1998.

My '70 Corvette

My NCCC Club has been in existance since April of 1958. It was one of 6 clubs to form the National Council of Corvette Clubs in 1959. If you would like to visit CCM's home page just click on
Corvette Club of Michigan
To visit the Michigan Region just click on Michigan Region of Corvette Clubs
To visit the NCCC just click on National Council of Corvette Clubs
While you're surfing the WEB, visit the National Corvette Museum

Each year the NCCC hosts a convention somewhere in the good ole USA. This is a chance to meet new people from different clubs as well as renew old friendships. Along with the party atmospshere is the competition events. The picture above shows me putting the '70 through a typical autocross turn.

For more pictures including my Son and Daughter
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