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Jenny's Endometriosis Page

My Story

Hi. My name is Jenny Matthews and I have Endometriosis. My story with this disease began in 1995. How I believe I aquired endometriosis was through surgical transplantation. In June 1995, I had a laparscopy, a laparotomy, and right ovarian cystectomy. I had all this due to a cyst on right ovary the size of a softball. During the surgery, the DR's looked for endometriosis and could not find any.

Soon after the surgery, I began to develop pains on my left side of my abdomen. I went back to my GYN and he ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed nothing. Three months after the surgery, I began to have incapacitating periods. I wound up being rushed off to the hospital, to beg whatever doctor happened to be on duty for pain killers.

After a couple of visits to the ER, I began going to different GYNs to see if they could find out what was wrong with me. Some doctors said it was in my head, one doctors thought I was abused as a child and the painful memories were manifesting in my abdomen. (Oh, please!) It took about 2 years, 3 different incorrect diagnosis'es, 6 different ultrasounds, and 10 different doctors to finally come up with a correct diagnosis.

The medical problems that I was having, combined with the work that I was doing, and the unsympathetic doctors that I was meeting got to me after a while. It all started depressing me in a major way.

One night after coming from a rough day at work-I spilled my guts to my Ex-husband. I told him that I couldn't take it anymore and something had to be done. The next day, he called my health care providers and pretty much yelled and screamed until someone listened. The next month I had surgery.

In December of 1997, I finally had a laparscopy done. It showed that I had endometriosis pretty much all over my left side of my abdomen. Aaaahhh, what a relief-to know that I was not crazy and this problem was not all in my head-it was in my abdomen!

Since I have known exactly what was wrong with me, I have been able to study Endometriosis. The internet has been one of my only helps with this disease. Most of the information that I have gotten, has been from sites like this. Most of the support that I have gotten have been from women, like myself, with their own web pages.

Information About Endometriosis

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What I believe to be the only true and correct way to diagnose Endometriosis-is by laparscopy. Most doctors would agree w/this statement. But, some insist that they "can tell" by a pelvic exam or by an ultrasound. If your Doctor tells you this, please find a more qualified doctor. A laparscopy is an easy surgery. The pain from the surgery is probably less than what a woman w/endometriosis experiences with her period every month.


Treatments that are available for endometriosis are limited. Here's a list of the current treatments available.

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