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We are often presented with this same question over and over again, "Are We Alone?" I am here to present you with a statement "We are NOT alone"


ALBIAN UFO HUNTERSAn organization that looks for answers concerning the UFO phenomena in the Albion and the surrounding New York region.
INSTITUTE FOR UFO RESEARCHA place to find out more about researching UFOs.
Area 51 Security ManualAn Area 51 security manual
DATABASE This is a database of pictures and text
MONTHLY REPORTS from USA Nat'l UFO Reporting Center.
STARGATE MISSION A Great page on Alien Encounters and UFOs
HAVE YOU BEEN........A not so serious survey asking you 7 questions about abduction.
Art Bell Official WebsiteListen to Art Bell Live right on this site.
CAUSCitizens Against UFO Secrecy.


If you're wondering if the UFO picture at the top is real.........well it's fake. I did some reasearch and found out that it's an old water cooler lid.

In 1952 a man named George Adamski claimed to have spottin a UFO, but he was proven wrong in England,1976,it also turned out to be an old water cooler

Interesting Information

BUILD A UFOThese are instructions on how to build a UFO, (I don't think it would work, I just thought it would be interesting to check this out)

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